Modern Love: 4 Stories Of Love That Started Online

Due to the social isolation, we thought that it is the perfect time to gain some positive energy reading about real love. In the middle of our rom-com marathon, some inspiration came after Modern Love series. The production of Amazon Prime streaming portrays the idea that we can find love in unusual places. And what is more common nowadays than virtual dating?

We searched for some stories of real and modern loves that crossed the internet barrier to the “real”. So sit, get inspired but do not meet new loves before quarantine is over!

  1. 1. Carnival love that crosses continents

    In 2018, I spent the “carnival” party in São Paulo. It was a year in which I was happy with myself, 100% unwilling to a relationship and happy with the casual contacts. For some reason, as soon as the carnival atmosphere started, I thought "hm, why not relive the tinder?". I downloaded the app and played (laugh). A guy who was clearly a foreigner gave me a super like and, thinking he was beautiful, I liked it back. He asked me to talk but I never answered his "how are you?".

    Some time after this match, I went to “Agrada Gregos” block. Well, in the midst of thousands of people, I see this giant, beautiful foreigner. I'm suspicious, but he was even more beautiful in person. We kissed, it was super cool and he joked about proving the cool dude he was. The truth is that in my head (alcohol applies at the moment) we would be a carnival spree for each other, what were the chances of something going right?

    Well, I didn’t get him out of my head and, obviously, as soon as I got home ran to answer him on the Tinder. From that day on, we never passed more than 24 hours without speaking. We got too close, but he left Brazil to continue traveling. 

    After Colombia and Peru, he managed a month and a half to return to São Paulo and spend more time with me. When he had to live, we didn't know what it would be. We had no future dates, we had no perspective, only love already hitting hard and hope. After all the pain of the match and that little void that had been going on for three months, I couldn't take it. We decided it was time for me to get to know his reality, family, friends and so on! 

    There I was, in November 2018 at Israel for ten days to face what my heart asked for. We had incredible moments, his whole reality is incredible and I felt accepted from the first day. On this trip, the barriers we would face in the relationship became clearer, but this way we started to deal with the comings and goings.

    Today, we walk for more than two years together, still with many barriers, time zone and COVID, to make it even more difficult. Despite everything, our connection and partnership still remains out of this world and our plans are to live the days together without remembering the date of the flight that will separate us. But what matters is that in this relationship we learned that there are times that we need to let go, to deal with the famous resilience, not to judge our mistakes when there is the gigantic factor "distance" and, above all, to value each moment together. 

    The truth is that we try all the time to plan and control people's lives, especially in love, but these opportunities can not be controlled. If someone came to me in January of 2018 and said: "Look, this year you will meet your love and end up in Israel more than once for him", I would laugh and stop myself from using Tinder. So, I think that the life of love is this: to allow yourself, however impossible success seems. If the person is worth it, give the best of your heart without hesitation.

     - Sarah and Tom

  2. 2. Love comes fast

    Spencer Davis

    We matched on a dating site in 2018, Tinder or OkCupid. But I never messaged her. At that time she lived in Annapolis, Maryland, with her host family. A few weeks later while I was in Italy on vacation she messaged me something funny and got my attention. I spent the whole month in Italy stuck on my phone talking to her. I basically told her we should have sex when I come back and she agreed. The second day I was back from Italy she came over to my house and I gave her a bunch of desserts I brought her from Italy and we spent the whole day in my room having sex and talking. 

    I remember thinking “Man, I would be so lucky to marry a woman like this”. After a few months she was going to move to California and I decided I would move with her and we got an apartment together in San Francisco. This period was a test to see if we could live together. After a year in San Francisco, we got married, moved to São Paulo and bought a house here. 

    We didn’t care about marriage (for me it’s a religious thing and kind of stupid), but we did to be together. We both think marriage is old, antiquated idea. We didn’t have a wedding or anything, just bought cheap long lasting rings made from tungsten, we hardly wear them. In Italy woman don’t take the man's name and my wife is too independent to ever take mine.

    - Giacomo and Evelyn

  3. 3. Quarantine love

    We matched on Tinder in January this year - he lives in Brasília and I live in São Paulo. Turns out that he was using tinder gold and placed a location in São Paulo for starting a process of transferring his work to São Paulo. He says that I was the first person from São Paulo to appear on Tinder and, after the match, he already took out tinder gold because he had the feeling that he was looking for people in a city that he had not yet moved to.

    Well, we started talking on Tinder and Instagram and it took us about 2 months to go to WhatsApp. In March, he came to the city because of the transfer process. We met last weekend before the quarantine, and his cousin was also there. 

    We decided to meet at a bar in Copan. There was a great affinity between us as we are always chatting on Whatsapp. After the bar, we went home to have a moment alone. After a while, his cousin called us to go to another bar, there I met not only his relative but also a friend.

    That date was during Friday and Saturday, on Sunday we met again, before he left. He was going to move to São Paulo in April, but then the quarantine happened. My love is still at Brasilia, but we continue to speak via Whatsapp and video call.

    - Guilherme and Eduardo

  4. 4. Contrary sensations

    broken heart on a string with black background

    We were 18 years old. I was used to filling in gaps by looking for girls on dating apps, as a reflection of an exhausting and confused - yet open, relationship that had come to an end. 

    We met in December 2014 through Tinder, soon we became very close, getting involved in a very intense relationship, where we moved between fun, lightness, connection, friendship, novelty. She was a great candidate to win my whole heart, however, I was still very connected with my first girlfriend. 

    After a month and a half of getting to know each other, I went back to the old relationship, making Tinder's girl just a very close friend. But as we know that “yo-yo” relationships don't last long, a month after we resume, we are definitely over. 

    And then, the way was free for the relationship produced by social networks to go ahead, but it was not quite like that. I didn't want to fall in love, I was very hurt, so I got involved for almost a year with someone else.

    When, in February 2016, love spoke louder, the two of us were no longer supporting the idea that we were just friends and created the courage to throw ourselves into this deep and delicious relationship, opening doors to great learning, incredible, wonderful and very intense. But after four years and two months, our paths were no longer the same, leading to the end of this great story and giving the opportunity for other trajectories to be covered.

    - Tayná and Mariana 


The article above was edited by Gabriela Sartorato.  

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