Meet Gazeta AM: College's Radio Studios

As you can tell by now, Cásper Líbero is a Social Communication College. The freshman year is filled with theoretical classes and also gigantic texts overflowing an array of words you’ve never seen before.

Maybe that was not the dreamy experience you’ve always wished having when studying the subjects you used to like while attending high school. Also, you know that this reality will go on and on until your sophomore year. That’s when you’ll start having practical classes.

But, will it take that long? Do I really want it?

Shall we take a ride to our campus radio station?

Gazeta AM is the name of the most open house organ we have at Cásper Líbero. Students from all courses (Journalism; RTVI - Radio, TV and Internet; Publicity; Public Relations) – and it doesn’t matter if you are freshman or senior - can join the shows, which are:

  • Almanaque (Almanac)
  • Jornal da Gazeta AM (Gazeta AM News)
  • Gazeta Games
  • Mochileiros da bola (Ball backpackers)
  • Super 8
  • No Vestiário de Quinta (Thursdays Locker room)
  • No Vestiário de Sábado (Saturdays Locker room)

The day at Gazeta AM usually starts at 8 am with three hours of music and informs by Stella Lopes.

Stella Lopes at the studio on a Friday.

To add a little bit of quality sports entertainment, we have ‘Disparada no Esporte’ an hour and a half of news about São Paulo’s most important soccer teams (Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos and São Paulo) and a general review on other Brazilian teams commented by the glorious Regiani Ritter, one of the first women to cover soccer games on field. She has a trophy honored on her name that rewards a huge name at sports chronicles.

Regiani Ritter using the new station app.

Following ‘Disparada no Esporte’,  we have ‘Revista Geral’, presented by Regiane Ritter and Renata Câmara, which is a variety show that discuss all kind of subjects, such as: polemics, music, arts, sports and so on.

At 2 pm starts the first program that has its doors opened to students who wants to participate, it is called ‘Almanac’ (Almanaque). It lasts 3 hours, and it’s filled with music, entertainment, interviews, news and attractions produced by groups of students, and much more. The show is hosted by Gilles Sonsino who also studied at Cásper Líbero. There are five segments in which students can participate, each of them are broadcasted different days of the week. They are:

  • Students Actions - Ação do aluno (Mondays): series of interviews with students who are already successful on the area they are passionate about.
  • Person of the week - Personalidade da semana (Wednesdays): interview with a renowned professional about her or his life and experiences.
  • Style frequency - Frequências de estilo (Thursdays): last trends in fashion and beauty.
  • What a tape - Que fita (Tuesdays): a cultural segment that give tips and comment on events for the weekend.
  • It is all family - Tudo em família (Fridays): interview with a professional of the institution as well as professors of the University about their personal life and experiences.

Gilles Sonsino interviews Elvis Presley’s double who performs at Paulista Avenue.

Afterwards, from 5 to 6 pm there is a different program for each day of the week, and yet again, made exclusively by students.

On Mondays, we have ‘Gazeta Games’ in the schedule, plug in your joystick and hear news about all types of games, from smartphones to consoles.

The boys from Gazeta Games together with Paula Costa and Jéssica Pinheiro, invited on a special collab.

On Tuesdays, ‘Mochileiros da Bola’, a kind of sports backpackers, take over world by announcing what happened on the past week for some countries leagues, the program is focused on international soccer.

The crowded studio during ‘Mochileiros da Bola’.

On Wednesdays, ‘Super 8’ is on with news and comments about our dearest movies and series.

The team of ‘Super 8’recording the program. (Photo by: Felipe Bonifácio) 

On Thursdays, settle down for a dynamic hour of students commenting on the games and championships of São Paulo’s fantastic four (Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos and São Paulo), besides guessing the scores for the next games and having quick comments on others Brazilian teams. It is the ‘No Vestiário de quinta’, or on a literal translation, Thursdays Locker room.

The crew of ‘No Vestiário de Quinta’ with the journalist and professor of our University, Celso Unzelte.

Last, but not least, on Fridays we have ‘Gazeta’s disco’ hosted by Gilles Sonsino and Márcio de Paula, Gazeta’s discotheque coordinator. The programm honors a different artist every week and introduces their music by the collection available at Gazeta AM. Every once in a while, there are interviews with people related to the honored or the artist itself.

Gilles Sonsino, Márico de Paula and Luiz Felipe Lamussi interviewing Fábio Sombra, an author and reseacher from Rio de Janeiro and Chico Lobo, a singer and composer from Minas Gerais – both renowned professionals on viola’s (instrument) knowledge.

What is missing in this schedule? The Gazeta AM News starts at 6 pm and it is hosted by Larissa Moreira, Sophomore Journalism student, and eventually by students that have been helping the program for a while. The students search for news in five categories (Brazil, International, Cities – in the state of São Paulo -, Economy and Culture) and present them live.

Larissa Moreira together with a student presenting the Gazeta AM News.

Finished the news, the radio closes for the students and ‘A Voz do Brasil’ or ‘Brazil’s voice’ starts – an hour of government important messages and propaganda. Following, there is two hours of music from Gazeta’s collections of discos and CDs. At 11 pm, the news is reprised for those who missed it at 6 pm and music is played from midnight to 8 am, when the routine starts again.

On Saturdays, at 9 am there is the reprise of the last Friday ‘Gazeta’s Disco’ and afterwards, at 12 am, there is ‘No Vestiário de Sábado’, or Saturdays Locker room (again on a literal translation) similar to what happens on Thursdays, comments and guesses about São Paulo soccer schedule.  At 2 pm, Gazeta’s Musical starts and go on until Monday morning.

Tribute for the International Woman’s Day at ‘No Vestiário’.

It is important to highlight that it is not necessary a delightful voice to join our radio. Practice and dedication will help you to acquire confidence with your own voice.

We, from Her Campus Cásper Líbero, hope you’ve enjoyed this little virtual tour and the routine of our campus radio.

If you’d like to hear it (in Portuguese), click on the link bellow or download the app (Gazeta AM) for free on both App and Play Store.

(Images: Gazeta AM)