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With an enormous variety of genres, books are a great and accessible source of entertainment for everyone. And who doesn’t love getting caught off guard by a good plot twist? The amazing feeling of being surprised by the characters and the feeling of accomplishment when you untangle the mystery all by yourself – we all love it! So, here’s a list of books with plot twists that you must read:

Verity by Colleen Hoover

One of the most loved ones on TikTok, Colleen Hoover’s best-seller thriller, “Verity”, is a fan favorite for a reason: it has everything one needs. The book tells us the story of Lowen Ashleigh, a writer who’s been invited to ghost write for a famous author who is medically ill and unaware of reality, Verity, and for that she would need to move to Verity and Jeremy’s house. Everything goes to plan, until she stumbles in a very private draft that reveals a lot of secrets: Verity’s autobiography. 

The book then starts to take place in the present and with passages of the autobiography found by Lowen. In the present, weird things happen related to the famous author, pointing out that maybe she’s not as injured as she wants people to believe. 

With a chilling twist, the story turns upside down from that point on. The open end leaves the readers curious to know what would be true and what wouldn’t. 

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

TikTok’s favorite, “We Were Liars”, leaves us shocked by the end of it. Starting with a story that seems completely innocent and normal, the author, E. Lockhart, writes about a wealthy family that owned an island and spent all their summers there. The young adult novel shows us the point of view of Cadence, who suffered a head injury and lost memories from her last trip to the island.

As Cadence regains her memories we start to see how the family is a little dysfunctional and troubled. When we feel like there’s nothing there and the book is ending, the plot twist comes from nowhere. All of the details the author shows us are rapidly thrown away with a twist. This is not a deep and thoughtful book, but a rather shocking one.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Written by the New York Times best-seller author, Gillian Flynn, her debut thriller tells Camille Priecker’s troubled story. When a young girl is murdered in her hometown, she is asked to go back and investigate; and all her darkest memories comes back all together. 

Just like Flynn’s biggest books, in this one we see an ugly and gruesome story that holds the readers’ attention.

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

The story of Anne and Marco Conti told by this book starts when they agree to go to their neighbor’s house, Cynthia and Graham Stillwell, to celebrate Graham’s birthday. When the couple’s babysitter cancels, Anne and Marco decide to try and leave their baby daughter sleeping by herself, taking a baby monitor with them and checking every half an hour. The drama starts when the party’s over and both of them come back home to find the front door unlocked and their baby’s crib empty.

With a big but predictable – to some – plot, the difference of this book is how surprising it is to find out every single detail of what really happened, and what the characters have done and continue to do. Shari Lapena plays with troubled characters that are unlikeable but can be relatable in a well constructed psychological thriller. 

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

Alex Michaelides’ best-selling psychological thriller surprises even the most savvy readers. In this book we get to know Theo Farber, a psychotherapist that is obsessed with rising-star painter Alicia Berenson, who’s been convicted guilty of her husband, Gabriel, death. After the murder, Alicia stops talking entirely and is sent to a psychiatric unit where Theo works. 

Theo then embarks on a journey to investigate Alicia’s life and discover the reason why she stopped talking. The story shows two point-of-views: Theo’s investigation in the present and Alicia’s before the murder. 

In a completely unpredictable twist, the author begins to show us snippets of the truth when he wants us to know it, explaining every single detail as if it was so obvious. The book is a must read for everyone who’s even remotely interested in thrillers.


The article above was edited by Lívia Carvalho.

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