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Macron and Lula: the visit of the French president to Brazil

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Photo montages, memes and even an Instagram post from the French President, Emmanuel Macron and Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva met up in Brazil. Jokes aside, what does Brazil want to do with France? 

Macron arrived in Brazil on March 26th and went to four Brazilians cities: Belém, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasília. In the three-day visit, Lula and Macron agreed on 20 topics on the Plan of Action Strategic Partnership Brazil France. 

What does it represent? 

According to the Brazilian president, the long-term friendship between both countries “represents a bridge between the south of the globe and the developed world in favor of the suppression of structural inequality and a planet more sustainable”.

What does it mean? Focused on better living conditions for Brazil and the rest of the world, Lula, who had in his 2022 election campaign sustainable clauses, such as green economy, and social clauses, fighting poverty for example, is making agreements and arrangements with France, the 4th most sustainable country and the leader of gender equity at the workplace

As for the 20 topic agreement between the two powers, there are some that are important to highlight, such as: Amazonia biodiversity, the fight against illegal digging, modernization of the public management and sports and health cooperation. They also discussed a permanent place for Brazil at the United Nations Security Council.  

Macron announced on his Instagram that an important goal for April 2025 was settled: the comeback of intercultural seasons between Brazil and France, along with exchange programs. He added that they are willing to increase the number of Brazilian students in France from 5,000 to 8,000 until 2026.


If politics is a hot topic at the moment, sadly, it is to expect fake news to show up.  On the 26th, Brazil’s executive leader disclosed that: “Macron can personally note that our compromise with the environment is nor rhetoric. In the last year, we reduced illegal deforestation on Amazon by 50%, and we have the compromise of zeroing it out until 2030”. He meant to say that the exploration of the Amazon rainforest must be regulated. Opposition claimed that, only by hearing that statement, Brazil was conceding a part of Amazon for France, but they only took his phrase out of context.

Amazon Rainforest is a natural patrimony of humanity, and it must not be explored. However, in a capitalist world, where everything is profitable, even the forest is being exploited. At least, leaders are trying to do it responsibly. 

Lovable photoshoot 

Save for that, the presidents took a photoshoot in Belém. Pictures are sweet, happy and romantic! As the internet does not save anyone, memes and jokes began soon enough – they were even compared with the movie Call me by your Name! That is, indeed, a public relations win! 

Macron is going to be back in Brazil in 2025 – more specifically, in Belém, where it is going to be held the COP30 – the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Other than that, the French formally invited Lula for a visit to his country, stating that: “Sr, you are invited in 2025 for a State visit to France, in order for us to continue to keep this friendship and celebrate the two hundred years of the diplomatic relations between both countries”. 



The article above was edited by Beatriz Gatz.

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