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Ma chère Gabriela Boccaccio

She has already traveled around the world. And what she missed the most? College.

Name: Gabriela Boccaccio

Age: 21

Hometown: São Paulo

Course: Journalism

Year: 2015

Sign: Scorpion

Status: Dating

Preference: Boys

EsquinasI worked at Núcleo Editorial (newsroom for the print house organs) during one year. It was a very good period of my life. I guess that’s the place at Cásper that I am most familiar with. Nowadays, when I go back there, I feel very at home. I was reporter during six months, so I wrote both for Cásper’s website and Esquinas magazine. In the begging of 2014, I was editor-in-chief of Esquinas, when the main theme was Soccer. This magazine was a challenge for me, but was very nice too. Today, we need to talk seriously about soccer in many different levels, so I fought for this!

Being part of a magazine gives you so much work, you know? We did not go to class when the magazine has being finalized. Everybody tells it is easy, however it is not. But, in the end, it is gratifying. The most interesting part is that you can see all the process - including choosing the guidelines, the edition, the delivering.

TeachersNúcleo was a mark for me. It changed my life. But Cásper has great teachers also. Carlos Costa, our principal, taught History of Communication in my freshman year. He once told us to prepare some questions for the woman who wrote an incredible story about Che Guevara. It was so inspiring! I didn’t even know how to spell her name! I was desperate and it was my birthday… My questions were terrible, I was so scared of CC’s reaction... This day was such a great learning! Before this episode, I always prepare many (good) questions. One example: I’ve interviewed a French spy. Therefore, I read his book and prepared the questions thinking about others talks that he gave. At the end, he said that it was the best interview that he had already participated of.

The Final ProjectI’m doing my graduation project with my friend Alessandra Freitas. It is about woman traffic in Brazil. We have to deliver it on November 6th and then present some weeks later to a jury of college professors.

Phrases"I always say that the Núcleo is the best school of Journalism. A lot of people that worked there are working on great companies now".

"Ale and I are like BFF’s. I was working at Núcleo while she was working at Edição Extra, a TV show produced by students. We worked at Vejinha (a magazine produced for kids) together. Since we’ve started college, we are connected.”

Something curious: My dad is French so I lived in France from 1998 to 2004.


Color: Red

Movie: Le Fabuleux Destin d' Amélie Poulain.

Book: The Little Prince.

Serie: Friends 

Marcela Schiavon

Casper Libero

Petite, loving, determined. Marcela don't have preferences about her career because she likes all areas of Journalism. Sometimes jealous, a little bit angry, very focused. "Eu gosto dela - Projota" is a song that defines her way of living.
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