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Luana Piovani X Neymar: Get to know the debate on privatization near the beaches in Brazil 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Stem from a new law project in paperwork at the “Câmara dos Deputados” (a brazilian equivalent of the House of Representatives), one of the biggest natural sources has been the purpose of political debates. The beaches became a goal of an express restriction, directed to the popular access, in the case of acceptance, with the intention of incentivizing a creation of a new Especial zone of tourism uses.

The LP was created by the federal deputy Isnaldo Bulhões (MDB-AL) and, with the introduction of the Urgency house regimen, can be voted at any moment in plenary. By means of the text presented in the project, a delimitation of, ceiling 10% of the natural strip of each municipality, it can receive a restriction for the access of non-authorized people. The privatized use of these strips will be directed to tourism ventures. 

The emphasis of this new LP highlights have been received by lots of debates in Brazil and, by consequence, extensive discussion in the media. With the presence  of critics and other questions about the theme, the disagreement of celebrities with harsh opinions have been the goals of polemics between the people. 

Neymar X Luana Piovani 

The debate of two brazilian celebrities at this theme, already recognized previously by other polemics in the social media, brought a polarized duel between different opinions and defenses. 

Luana Piovani, brazilian actress and presenter that counts with lots of awards in her career. gave support to critics and environmentals that position against this law project and, with various videos in her Instagram, explained which are the problems of privatizing beaches. 

In counterpart, Neymar Júnior, brazilian soccer player known in the entire world, demonstrated support to the privatization of the beaches. Lately, the player had confirmed a partnership with DUE Incorporating, a company responsible for enterprises in coastal areas. 

What was the reason for the discussion?

After the improvement of the idea at the Department, a video of Neymar celebrating his partnership with the company was rescued by internauts. With that, Piovani openly bashed the player, calling him a terrible father, men and example of people in society. As an answer, the number 10 jersey called her “crazy” and affirmed that the actress wishes to get back to the spotlight with this debate. 

Also, the company posted a note answering questions related to the video with the player and, in this way, the debate generated conflicts between users of social media and other celebrities. 

Therefore, by quarrels approached between this new law project, the perception of a politic and media polarized society gets even more clear. Throughout those affairs, especially over social media, their instrumentalization becomes a new way for influential icons of mind to debate their ideals and, in this way, bring heated spats to people.


This article was edited by Ana Carolina Micheletti.

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