Lover Tour: What to Expect of Taylor Swift's Concert in Brazil

After seven albums and countless hits, it’s confirmed: Taylor Swift is coming to Brazil for the tour of her newest album, Lover. Eight years ago Taylor passed through Brazilian lands for a closed pocket show and, since then, she has been raising expectations about when she would do a full concert here.

This time, for the Lover Tour, Taylor has another focus, and she didn't leave Brazil out of it. As affirmed on her social media accounts, she wants to “play in an authentic way. I want to go to some places I've never been before and play festivals. Where there are no festivals, we create somewhere”. And, luckily, São Paulo will have the privilege to receive her incredible performance, as she always delivers.

The date has already been confirmed: July 18, 2020. Yes, unfortunately it’s only one date for the Brazilian swifties to enjoy the new hits of Lover live. But, as she has never performed a full concert in Brazil, we can expect at least a mash up of her older hits, like Love Story and You Belong With Me. And after so many successes, we expect no less than incredible surprises during her newest tour!

If you don't want to lose this nostalgia plus the need to listen Taylor live, you need to pay attention to the details of how ticket sales will work. Check out the most important information!

Image Source: Instagram (Original Post)

The sales to the general public begins on October 25, at 00h01 on the internet (Tickets For Fun) and at 10h at the official ticket office (Credicard Hall). But who's customer of the digital bank C6 will be entitled to an exclusive pre-sale, which begins on October 22, at the same times as the general sale. Check out other information to keep a track on:

The concert

  • Date: Saturday, July 18, 2020.
  • Location: Allianz Parque - Turiassú Street, 1840 - Perdizes - Sao Paulo - SP
  • Gates Opening: 4 PM
  • Show time: 9 PM
  • Capacity: 46,000 people
  • Age rating: Children under 16 allow entry accompanied by the guardian. From 16 years old, unaccompanied entry is allowed.

The tickets

Value: from R$ 150 to R$ 850

Value from section:

  • Superior Chair: R$ 150,00 (half entry) & R$ 300,00 (full entry)
  • Track: R$ 225,00 (half entry) & R$ 450,00 (full entry)
  •  Lower Chair: R$ 250,00 (half entry) & R$ 500,00 (full entry)
  • Premium Track: R$ 425,00 (half entry) & R$ 850,00 (full entry)

Important Observations:

  • If you decide to purchase your ticket on the internet, you’ll have a convenience fee, and if you purchase at Credicard Hall, you won’t need to pay this fee.
  • C6 Bank customers can split tickets up to 5 times without interest - during a pre-sale until 18/01/2020.
  • Customers of other cards can install their tickets in three installments without interest from 00h01 on October 25, 2019 until 03/18/2020.
  • For C6 customers The bank buys 4 tickets per CPF. For other customers, a purchase limited to six (6) tickets per CPF.

For fans who were always looking forward to this moment in Brazil, and don't know exactly what to expect from the shows of this new tour, how about remembering some incredible Taylor moments on stage in the Reputation Stadium Tour? While sales don't start and July 18, 2020 doesn't arrive, this is a tip that we give for you to calm down, as Taylor would say, and enjoy memorable moments of her career - that sooner you'll see live!