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Love on screen: remember some of the most iconic movie couples 

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When considering romance films, our minds are immediately drawn to the enchanting love stories they depict, bringing us together with couples who fill our hearts with happiness. I am convinced that as we watch these movies, we can’t help but hope for a love like theirs. 

With Valentine’s Day happening yesterday in Brazil, here are a few of the most iconic movie couples to be the inspiration of your future relationships.

ben and andy – HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN TEN DAYS

Who doesn’t love an enemy to lovers type of movie? That’s why How to lose a guy in ten days could not be excluded from this list. The love story between Andie, a magazine writer who decides to make a column about men, and Ben, who makes a bet with his friends, holds a special place in people’s hearts. 

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JACK AND ROSE – titanic

Obviously we cannot forget about this film that marked generations. Rose, who is being forced to marry a wealthy man, falls in love with Jack, a talented artist, aboard the Titanic. A tragic but beautiful romance!  

sandy and danny – grease

We all love musicals, from High School Musical, that marked  our childhood, to Grease, where the couple Sandy and Danny come from. When the couple met during their separate vacations in Australia, it was love at first sight. They part ways believing they will not see each other again, but life had other plans.   

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JOHNNY AND FRANCES – dirty dancing

Another iconic film that left a lasting impact among generations was Dirty Dancing. During her family vacation, Frances falls for the resort’s dance instructor, Johnny. However, her father disapproves of their relationship, causing tension within the family.

SOPHIE AND CHARLIE – Letters to Juliet

I have a passion for journalism, and one of my favorite movies is Letters to Juliet. In the film, Sophie embarks on a trip to Italy and joins a volunteer group that helps people by responding to their letters seeking romantic advice. During her time there, she comes across a letter from Charlie, written back in 1957, inspiring  her to find her own lost love.


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