The Lollapalooza Festival And The Visibility Of Small Musical Groups

Created in 1991 by Perry Farrell, Lollapalooza is one of the biggest alternative music festivals, marking presence in Europe, the US and Latin America.

The famous name has North American origin and means an “extraordinary or unusual thing, person or event”, being this the goal of the creator, a moment in which the public has the sensation of joy, fun and transcendence in the musical world.

Image Source: Lollapalooza

The Lollapalooza Chicago, for being the first city to host the festival, carries very strong the identity of having the presence of small and “unknown” musical groups, so many artists are "discovered" in the festival, since it is a great event and has internet transmission that allows even greater access.

As the great artists usually perform at night, the shows that happen in the afternoon are from these independent bands, allowing those who spend the day to have access to them, causing them to receive recognition of the public attending the festival.

In Brazil, the festival arrived in 2014, being a success since the beginning. National artists, such as Vespas Mandarinas, Silva and Selvagens à procura de lei, were at the event, and it was a defining moment for them, since because of the festival they began to have greater visibility and space in the Brazilian musical scene.

Image Source: Creative Commons

Fortunately this situation occurs today, when bands like Molho Negro, Carne Doce e Scalene  presented in this edition 2019 and continued with the essence of the event to provide space for these small musical groups.

Because it is an alternative music festival, different artists can perform on the stage, being electronic, rock, pop or rap, reaching different audiences and not limited to only one musical style.

So, if you plan to go to the festival to see a beloved band show, it is worth plunging into the vibe of Lollapalooza and enjoying the day to meet new bands. If you already know a small artist, take your friends on the show so that the artists can grow and thus live up to one of the ideals of the event, which is basically spreading good music and great moments.