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Listen Up: 8 Podcasts About Criminology That Will Blow Your Mind

Podcasts are increasingly common nowadays. In many streaming platforms this media format is constantly growing as they talk about various subjects, from entertainment to the most important news. There are also programs that tell narratives of all kinds, including those ones about scary true crimes that make us want to know more about. These stories attract many people because of their mysterious and suspense-filled narratives. Matching serial killers and very well-planned crimes, the podcasts explore the criminal, the nature of the act and tell details about what happened. So, if you like this topic, check it out some criminology podcasts that will blow your mind!

Serial Killers

This one is an original podcast from Spotify, produced by Parcast Network. Created by Max Cutler, Serial Killers brings creepy crimes and analyzes the psychological aspects of the killers’ minds. Moreover, based on several in-depth researches, the production tells the story, the methods and the madness of the deeds. Between episodes we can find the case of Ted Bundy and the Zodiac Killer.

Crime Junkie

“You are obsessed with all things crime related,” say presenters Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat at the podcast presentation on their website. With more than 100 episodes, the production has already made countless fans by analyzing real crimes in about 30 minutes, weekly. It’s one of the most popular criminology podcasts.

Dr. Death

Have you ever heard about the neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch? Presented by Laura Beil, this podcast recounts the story and crimes of this doctor in seven chapters. “We’re more vulnerable when we go to the doctors,” begins the presenter in the first episode. As the 2018 production by Wondery Publishing  — which also has other podcasts on criminology  — was successful among the public it got translated into Portuguese, French, Spanish and other languages.

Cena do Crime

The first criminology podcast in Brazil is a creation by journalist Isabelle Reis. With a complete and respectful perspective, the presenter tells the stories and invites experts to discuss the crimes and killers. The first episode from February 2019, deals with the case of the Brazilian killer known as the “Maniac of the Park”.


Created and presented by Emily G. Thompson, author of two books about murders, Morbidolog is a weekly podcast that reviews several solved and unsolved crimes. Everything is based on investigative research and the production includes interviews and materials from the cases discussed.

Up and Vanish

This successful podcast has two seasons and a TV show on Oxygen. It is presented by the Atlanta filmmaker Payne Lindsey. In its first season, the production investigates the disappearance of teacher Tara Grinstead, which occurred in 2005 in Ocilla, Georgia. The case was shelved and for 11 years there were no arrests connected to the crime. Similarly, the second season, from 2018, has focused on the disappearance of Kristal Reisinger, which happened in a mountainous city in Colorado.

Generation Why

Here, Aaron and Justin, friends and presenters, share their views about real crimes and discuss their mysteries. The first episode was released in 2012 and is also a production by Wondery publishing company.

My Favorite Murder

As one of the most successful podcasts on the topic, My Favorite Murder couldn’t be left out. Since 2016, American comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark have been choosing a real crime, analyzing its aspects and discussing their theories two times per week. The program has already broken records and even has fans, the so-called “Murderino”.


The article above was edited by Beatriz Cristina.

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