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Lights, Camera and Clara Nonato

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

She is all over the place, literally. Clara Nonato is CAVH (Chapa +Vozes) newest president, experimental producer intern, member of bateria and an athlete.

Name: Clara Nonato

Age: 21

Major: Radio, TV and Internet

Year: 2017

Hometown: São Paulo

Sign: Cancer

Preference: Boys

Status: Single

Interests: cinema, analogic photography, sports, sorority

Clara, you play in the University’s band, Bateria da Cásper. Could you tell us a little bit about how you ended up there?At the beginning of last year, I attended a workshop about the instruments of the band. At first, I thought they would just present themselves and would play for us, but we played the instruments with them. I played the side drum and they said I was really good at it. Nowadays, I honestly think they were just mocking with me, so I would join the band.

So after you joined, you had some difficulties playing the instruments?Yes! During the first two or three weeks, everything was alright. But then I started to feel like I forgot everything during the practices and couldn’t play anymore.

But you kept doing it …The band is really cool. It’s kind of hard, but once you get it, it’s really fun. Playing during sport games, parties, seeing everyone having fun. People get crazy when we start playing, they get really excited. I strongly recommend the band because it’s where the coolest people of Cásper get together.

You are also part of Clact Zoom, the experimental production of Cásper. How does it work?We produce audio-visual content for the university. We cover some events, we make short videos of the lectures and also online transmissions. But the most important thing is that we support students’ ideas with tips and equipment. Before becoming part of the team, I had an idea supported by them.

Really? That’s awesome! What is it?It’s a webseries about a guy who broke up with his girlfriend, goes to a party with his friend and breaks a mirror during it. On the other day, he discovered that he and his friend attracted bad luck because the ex-girlfriend fixed the mirror. The thing is that they’ll have to stick together to neutralize the bad luck with the good luck that the girl got. We are finalizing the first episode.

What would you like to work with?I like cinema a lot, but I’m still in doubt if I’m going to follow that as a career. I’m kind of lost right now.

What is your dream job?It’s recording one of this travel series.

And, at last, would you rather stay at a library or a pary?I like reading, but if it’s to pick a place, it would be a party.

Student of Journalism at Faculdade Cásper Líbero and editor of Art and Photography at the oldest house organ magazine of Latin America, "A Imprensa". Loves reading, travelling and cats.
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Alana Claro

Casper Libero '17

Alana is a Senior in Cásper Líbero University, majoring in Journalism. She is President of Casper Libero's Chapter and an intern in a Corporate Communications firm. Born and raised in Sao Paulo, where she speaks Portuguese, although English is her ever-lasting love. Alana is a proud Slytherin and INTJ.