Les Miserables: A Musical Review

Picture by Leo Martins - VejaSP

The musical that has been enchanting us in Brazil since 1992 is back to celebrate its 25th anniversary on stages all around the country. Until June 21st the show will be starring in Sao Paulo at Teatro Renault.

Based on Victor Hugo’s masterpiece, “Les Misérables” tells the story of Jean Valjean (Daniel Diges), a poor man born in prison in the context of the aftermath of the French revolution, who was arrested for stealing a piece of bread to feed his sick sister. Meanwhile, a woman who had lost her job at a factory for being a single mother has to become a prostitute to pay the family that took care of her daughter. Dying and in miserable conditions, she met Valjean who pledged to take care of the little girl, Cosette (Clara Verdier).

In the scenario of the June Rebellion of 1832, in Paris, the story evolves into a love triangle between Eponine (the daughter of the couple that took care of Cosette, starred by Laura Lobo), a student called Marius, and Cosette, now a young lady under Valjean’s protection, giving the story a touch of romance in the middle of the revolutionary chaos.

Marius and Cosette - Picture by Karime Xavier; Folhapress

The story being a classic itself helps to make the musical viral, but the quality of the effects, scenarios and the excellent performances make the ticket even more worthwhile. The amount of scenarios is really incredible; a simple village turned into a prison and also into a ship with so many details that made me question if the barricades were really there.

Even though the songs are difficult to perform, the singers impressed all the spectators with their voices and the way they were emotional while performing, especially the ones who played Jean Valjean and Fantine (Cosette´s mother, starred by Kacau Gomes).

Definitely worth it! And don´t forget your tissues because it isn´t hard to get emotional while watching.

Picture by T4T