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Laufey and her jazz for the anxious generation

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Born in 1999, in Iceland, Laufey had everything to become a musician. The singer and her identical twin, Junia, were raised in the middle of orchestral numbers and classical strings sonatas. As their mother was a chinese musician who went to Iceland to play in the local symphony, the girls were influenced and encouraged to pursue musical studies as they grew up.

She began studying classical music at a very young age – she was four when started playing piano. In her early teens, Laufey participated in Iceland´s The Voice, a show where the participants had to present musical performances. The musician went a long way in the program but didn’t win. It was hard for her to deal with failure this early in her career, but that didn’t stop her. Afterward, at the age of 19, she got a scholarship to study at Berklee College Music, world’s largest independent college for contemporary music.

At the time she moved to Boston, a lot of new experiences found her. It was her first time living away from her sister, her first time experimenting with jazz… Suddenly, there were stories to be told . Moreover, Laufey started to write about her experiences as a teen, as being in love, about her new life, but all of that was interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, the singer startedt to post her songs online, in social media. “It’s just a jazz song that I wrote on Valentine’s Day, kind of as a joke, but once I posted it, my phone started blowing up” said Laufey to The Guardian.

“[…] Now it’s become like a new standard. It’s fun that a song I wrote as a homage to the past can be understood as new music.”    

Laufey to The Guardian

As she went viral on the internet, her public was notably very young, which disconnects with the expectations for a jazz singer. The trick is, Laufey isn´t a “common” jazz singer, she was able, in her lyrics, to connect new visions with an older influence of  melody. She is able to blend confessional lyrics, like Taylor Swift writing, with 50´s jazz melody´s inspiration.

The singer is not only present on the internet talking about her musical career. She was able to create a proximity with her fans by sharing her everyday life, her sister and more. The cozy space she produces in her social media is part of the relationship she builds with her fans.


I blinked and suddenly I had a Valentine 👀❤️

♬ Valentine – laufey

In addition, Laufey ‘s songs are unique. They overcome cultural and geographic boundaries, by speaking about intimate themes that we all share, independent of who or where we are, like love, anxiety and insecurity. “Coming from two different cultures between Iceland and China [gives] me a very open view of music and culture” she tells Style.

Furthermore, her music is remarkable by empowering the listener to express themselves as well. The lyrics convey the message of emotional validation and understanding of the feeling experienced by this generation. That comprehension creates a powerful connection between the singer and her listeners, and that is possibly the reason for her huge success.

To sum up,  Laufey is remarkable for bringing jazz back to the hearts of this generation. By means of her delicate and personal lyrics, mixed with an older melody ,by creating a special connection with her listeners. She was able to communicate feelings shared by people from all around the globe.


The article above was edited by Malu Alcântara.

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