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“La Casa de Papel”: All You Wanna Know About The Second Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Spoiler alert!

The second part of the Spanish blockbuster series, initially broadcasted by Antena 3 and lately by the streaming service Netflix, La Casa de Papel, or Money Heist, resumes the ongoings at the Royal Mint of Spain and what may be considered the biggest robbery of the entire History of the world. This ‘‘second season’’ consists of 9 episodes, and besides the main robbers, it popped up a brand new one: Mónica Gaztambide, but best known as Stockholm. The ex-secretary is into Denver (Jaime Lorente López) and due to the heist situation, her feelings for him are actually symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome, hence her code name.

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All thieves’ histories are gradually remembered (or would be this a mistaken noun?) and their respective personal dilemmas too. Over again, the plot is narrated by Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó), constantly bringing flashbacks of significant deeds to the context of each scene. Shortly thereafter, the onlookers come across with the final scene of the last season episode, in other words, Toledo’s mansion where the police is looking for relevant clues that were actually modified by the Professor (Álvaro Morte) in order to save time for excavations of the escape tunnel.

Meanwhile, at the Royal Mint, about 8 millions euros are produced per hour by the hostages, what means that by the end of the heist, it will be a total of more than 2 billions euros printed. By the way, a question emerges from that: if they’re producing their own money, what are they actually stealing? Perhaps time or police and public attention? Or both?

However, the situation among the members of the heist group becomes complicated and due to that, everyone gets on nerves, mainly after the Berlin (Pedro Alonso) and Tokyo’s disagreement, what entails in the outset of the end of Professor’s accurate plan and also in the Silene Oliveira’s banishment and her arrestment by the cops.

During so many internal and external conflicts, Oslo (Roberto García) is asphyxiated by his brother, Helsinki (Darko Peric), while in downtown, it begins the Cage Operation after Tokyo’s escape, what means that all exits are closed. In the midst of such urban and chaotic scenery, Professor’s name has just been revealed – Sergio Marquino – and inspector Murillo (Itziar Ituño) spends time burning the midnight oil to find out all the masterplan and even the hangar address. Although Rachel gets blue about a recent discovery about her relationship, inspector is still in doubt in regard to which side is good or bad and what she is supposed to do.

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At the end, the onlookers are surprised by the outstanding details and also by the meaning that this alleged robbery has nowadays in society and out of fictional reality, allowing thus its relation as it’s approached with the public as, for instance, a journalist quotes, in the last episode, remembering the date of one year after the heist: ‘‘The public still thinks their actions were legitimate as a form of a protest against the established order, which generated polemic on social media”.

Nevertheless, there’s an exaggeration in the dramatization of Rachel and Sergio’s brief romance, besides many failed police invasion attempts, as a matter of fact, these reasons have just become, in the end, a bit predictable and even boring in a few moments, what let the fans bummed out. On the other hand, on a maximum cloud nine status, Pedro Alonso’s interpretation of Berlin is indescribably terrific, both for the various vocal intonations and for the gestural characteristics, making the character in question unique, despite its inherent sarcasm.

But the real only remaining question, at all, is to find out who are the real good guys in the story. On this account “… what we will do tomorrow requires us to think about the present.’’

Yasmin Altaras

Casper Libero

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