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It’s Kid’s Day! Here’s 5 Nostalgic Toys That Probably Were Part Of Your Childhood

Children’s day is here and even though our generation (the 90’s and early 00’s) are not actual kids anymore, we can always find a way to celebrate it (or at least look back on those good old days.). 

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay.

Going through old family pictures does help, but old toys definitely bring that extra flavor when it comes to nostalgia. It bring us back to a time in our lives that all we worried about were cartoons, snacks and nap time. It’s then that we find ourselves reminiscing those days, thinking about the toys we used to have and how probably our kids won’t experience those kind of moments – but will experience different ones, of course.

With that being said, let’s go down memory lane?


Pula Pirata

Although this one is from the late 70’s and early 80’s (I know, right!), I believe that everyone, at least once in our childhoods, had a jumpscare when we, well, “stabbed” the wrong place on the barrel. It’s pretty simple: the whole game is about not letting the pirate jump as we are given plastic swords. The one who does is eliminated from the game and it goes until there’s only one player left. This one is a true classic.

Cara a Cara

This game is also pretty unique. Based on a Guess Who?, Cara a Cara is a game based on questions and logic, and your main goal is to guess your opponent’s randomly picked card with questions such as “is she a brunette?” or “does he wear a hat?”. This game has a bunch of different themes, like Star Wars and Disney, so there is an edition for everyone’s taste!

Pesca Maluca

The goal is easy: the more you fish, more points you earn. But hey, it’s not that simple. The little fishes keep on spinning as you try to catch them, and their mouths open and close for a little twist. But I’m sure you felt frustrated at least once while playing, specially when you couldn’t catch any of those sneaky little guys. But hey! It was pretty fun, right?

Pega Varetas

I’m sure you had at least one fight while playing Uno, but what about Pega Varetas? This classic game was all about the “it moved!” and the “no it didn’t!”, specially when you both knew that it did. It’s pretty simple: a group of colorful sticks are spread on a surface, and the more you remove from the pile, the more points you get. But here’s the thing: while moving a stick, you can’t touch or move another, and if you do, you lose your round. It’s fight worthy, for sure!


Last but not least, this one was everyone’s biggest dream! Tamagotchi was a little electronic pet released in the late 90’s in Japan. The main idea of this toy is to literally take care of a little animal: give it baths, cuddles and food. It recently came back, so if you’re interested in a little gift for your inner child, you can try downloading it on your phone (My Tamagotchi Forever, available on Google Play and App Store) or buying one for yourself.

Now that we remembered a little part of our lives, what about enjoying your October 12th reminiscing those good moments? Happy children’s day!

*All of the gifs used in this article were taken out of the website GIPHY.

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