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Is there love in SP? Get to know three love stories that were born in the city

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

According to Criolo‘s song, released in 2011, there is no love in São Paulo. “There is no love in SP, the bars are full of such empty souls, greed vibrates, vanity excites,” says the singer. Despite the disillusionment exposed in the lyrics of the song, passionate Paulistas still place hope in love.

In Brazil, for example, June 12th is a special date for romantics. Furnished stores, restaurants with themed menus, itineraries with ideas for trips, and videos with gift tips invade the timeline of social media users at this time of year. This demand for gifts only highlights that there is still love in São Paulo. To remember Valentine’s Day, this article will present three love stories that were born in SP and continue to work well until today.


Paula, 26, and Giovanna, 24, met in September 2020 through a cousin of Giovanna who was in the same class as Paula. She had always heard about Giovanna, but they had never met. But fate, through parties and mutual friends, made them see each other personally for the first time, and after that, the love and affection they had for each other only increased. 

Farol Santander, Parque Villa Lobos, and many shopping centers throughout São Paulo are places that this couple frequents the most. At the beginning of the month, they took another step in their relationship. On June 4th, Paula asked Giovanna to marry her at the launch of Ana Gabriela‘s “Degradê” tour, which took place at Casa Natura Musical, in Pinheiros neighborhood. Surrounded by love from unknown people, who were also watching the concert, the couple is now thinking about the future.

Giovanna describes Paula as an authentic person, with a unique way of doing things, which impresses everyone. Her fianceé, on the other hand, describes Giovanna as a persistent woman, a little off, which makes her very happy, caring, very family-oriented, and above all, someone who knows how important it is to give attention to those they love. Paula also says that Giovanna knows what she wants in life and this thing conquers her every day. 

For them, love is synonymous with loyalty and partnership, being a good listener, and loving above all. Paula comments that she didn’t believe in love until she met Giovanna. Her partner says that there are still many barriers and ways that people don’t live, for her love is under construction. The couple also adds that at the beginning of their relationship, some family members did not have a good reaction. However, with time, love won out and today they have an incredible kinship. They know that unfortunately there is still a lot of prejudice, but they live their lives together without letting comments and judgmental looks shake them.

Longtime love

Simone, 49, and Cláudio, 51, met in 1989 through Simone’s brother, who was also a friend of Cláudio. The three of them used to go to the ball “A Ponta“, located at Vila Formosa, in the east zone of the city. As they were teenagers, in the beginning, the couple’s conversations, still young at the time, were focused on the dances and parties they went to, but the love lasted, because both had a very strong connection, besides liking many things in common. 

Simone and Cláudio have already visited many places in São Paulo, such as Museu da Imigração, Museu do Futebol, Museu do Ipiranga, Museu da Língua Portuguesa, Pinacoteca, Simba Safari, and Aquário de São Paulo, besides neighborhoods and streets considered touristy, such as Avenida Paulista and Jardins. The couple comments that the most remarkable place for them was Terraço Itália, where they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. For them, the place is very interesting because of the building’s history and because it is a very important place in the center of the city. Cláudio adds that two of the couple’s most important moments were the birth of their children, Gabriela and Thiago, and the trip they took last year, where they visited Maldives and Dubai

For them, the secret to a lasting union is to respect each other, to have a partnership, and a lot of complicity, besides love. According to the couple, love is a construction of several factors, from seeing the qualities and defects of the other, to recognizing these characteristics in themselves as well, to improving, giving in, and learning from each other. With more than 30 years of marriage, Claudio understands that Simone complements him since she sees many things that sometimes he doesn’t, besides being intelligent and rational. Simone sees Claudio as a quiet person, intelligent, and in a good mood.

For them, there is love in SP. There are countless options for couples, restaurants, and places with many activities to be done. The city has a different charm for its nightlife, and because of this, it exudes love. It was in one of these places that Simone and Claudio met and wrote their love story.

College love

Rayssa and Claudio, both 19 years old, met at college, in the Liberdade neighborhood. The dental students started talking on Instagram due to the covid-19 pandemic, as long as classes were taking place in an online format. When classes became normal, the couple’s conversations intensified and they no longer denied that they were in love with each other. He jokes that, in the beginning, Rayssa was slow to answer him, and on the first date, she denied him a kiss. Her way of talking made Claudio fall even more in love with her and he had been sure that they would still be dating one day. 

Together, the couple has already been to Avenida Paulista, Allianz Parque, Liberdade neighborhood, Museu do Ipiranga, Sampa Sky, and Skye. The Chalezinho, a restaurant specialized in fondues and known for being a “romantic” place, was the most remarkable place in São Paulo for them, because it was where they started dating. For the couple, love means companionship, respect, resilience, trust, peace, and lightness. They also said love is not somewhere in the world, but in the right person, as they are for each other.

Not only is there love in SP, but it is also in the air, everywhere, in all forms, and with countless particularities. Love heals, changes, connects, saves, and unites people, cultures, and places. Loving someone is like returning kindness, affection, and care without even realizing it. As Lulu Santos once said, “consideramos justa toda forma de amor”. Love is for all those who still have hope not only in themselves, but in humanity.


The article above was edited by Clarissa Palácio.

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