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Is all vegan food expensive? Here are 5 places to eat on a budget in São Paulo

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

There is a common misconception that being vegan is, essentially, an expensive lifestyle. However, that doesn’t have to be true. In fact, embracing a more natural vegan diet can be both healthier and more affordable than relying on processed and industrialized vegan foods.

If you’re looking for affordable vegan restaurants, São Paulo is just the place for it! Known for its diverse culinary scene, the city offers a wide range of delicious natural plant-based options. Join us as we explore five accessible vegan restaurants all around town!

POP Vegan Food

Located in the heart of São Paulo, near Paulista Avenue, Pop Vegan Food’s purpose is to offer vegan foods always at a price equal to or less than their animal-based equivalents. From an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet at R$17, their menu also features burgers (starting at R$12) and all-you-can-eat pizza for only R$44 per person. Whether you’re a student on a budget or a foodie seeking a flavorful vegan experience, Pop Vegan Food offers a delightful culinary adventure without straining your wallet.

Location: Pop Vegan Food – São Paulo Rua Fernando de Albuquerque, 144 – Consolação – São Paulo/SP

Opening hours: Lunch: Monday to Friday, from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm. Saturdays and holidays, from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. // Pizzas & Burgers: Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday, from 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm. Friday and Saturday, from 17:30 to 00:00.

Social media: www.popveganfood.com.br Instagram and Facebook @popveganfood

Loving Hut

Loving Hut is a global chain of more than 200 vegan restaurants around the globe, and its São Paulo branch, in Vila Mariana, offers an affordable dining option for vegans and non-vegans alike. With a diverse all-you-can-eat buffet (R$64,90/kilo or R$67 per person) and a menu that includes vegan versions of popular Brazilian and international dishes, especially Asian options, Loving Hut provides a welcoming environment where you can enjoy cruelty-free meals at pocket-friendly prices.

Location: Loving Hut – R. França Pinto, 243 – Vila Mariana, São Paulo

Opening hours: Tuesday through Sunday from 11h to 22h.

Instagram: @lovinghutsaopaulo


If you’re looking for a unique dining experience that combines vegan cuisine with African flavors, Congolinária is the place to be. First and only vegan Congolese restaurant in Brazil, it was founded in 2017, by Congolese chef Pitchou Luambo, who came to Brazil in 2010 as a refugee. Celebrating the rich culinary and heritage of Congo, while also advocating for immigrant and refugee’s rights, Congolinária offers the country’s traditional vegan dishes, such as Sambusas, little vegetable-filled pastries; Fufu, African polenta made from corn or rice flour, Kale with Mwamba, a peanut butter-based sauce, and Pilao, rice cooked with vegetables in spices and ginger juice. Prices start at R$22, for the main courses, and they also offer an all-you-can-eat menu for R$39,90 everyday.


1.Congolinária ZO – Avenida Professor Alfonso Bovero, 382, near the Sumaré subway station

Opening hours: Tuesday through Sunday from 11h to 22h

2.Congolinária ZL – Rua Caquito , 251, near the Penha Municipal Market.

Opening hours: Tuesday through Sunday from 11h to 22h

Instagram: @congolinaria

Mount Zion

Set in the peaceful neighborhood of Vila Romana, Mount Zion is a vegan restaurant inspired by the Rastafari movement. Their menu includes a variety of tasty options, including vegan PFs (Prato Feito, in Portuguese, which is an everyday meal with rice, beans, salad and some sort of protein), sandwiches, burgers, and Brazilian street food classics, such as pastel, açaí and tapioca. With its relaxed and cozy ambiance, Mount Zion Vegan is the perfect spot for a casual lunch or dinner with friends, offering affordable vegan meals for an average of R$30.

Location: Mount Zion Vegan – R. Caio Graco, 393 – Vila Romana, São Paulo

Opening hours: Monday and Tuesday from 10h to 17h and Wednesday through Saturday from 10h to 21h.

Instagram: @mountzion_vegan

Taste and See

Taste and See is a hidden gem near Paulista Avenue! Offering a unique twist on vegan gastronomy, this cozy and charming restaurant creates culinary masterpieces that combines traditional Brazilian cuisine with international flavors (especially Middle Eastern and Asian), all made with healthy ingredients and no sugar. With breakfast, lunch and dinner options, Taste and See caters to all your vegan cravings throughout the day with filling meals that range around R$30 to R$50. Their lunch menu also includes dessert in the price.

Location: Alameda Campinas, 234 – Jardim Paulista, São Paulo

Opening hours: Sunday through Thursday from 7h to 21h and Friday from 7h to 16h

Instagram: @restaurantetasteandsee

By offering affordable vegan meals that don’t compromise on taste or quality, these restaurants play a vital role in making veganism more inclusive and sustainable for all. So, whether you’re a student on a budget or simply seeking healthier and more affordable dining choices, these restaurants offer a taste of the thriving vegan food culture in São Paulo.


The article above was written by Helena Gonçalves.

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