Instabloggers: The Phenomenon On Instagram And The Casperians On The Field

The so-called “InstaBlog” is a way to use Instagram like a blog, totally focused on making content. This format has been widely used because it is a easy mode to share your ideas and interact with people, since it’s not necessary to enter an external link to do so. It is great to disclose you, your work, your passions, just like blogging.

In the end of 1997, Jorn Barger created a chronological journal in web page format, called “weblog”, known as “blog”. The blogs became famous in 1999 and a company called “Blogger” created a platform to those that wanted to become bloggers. Then, anyone that didn’t have knowledge on technological tools could have a blog, before this company, it was necessary to know programming language. News, food, sports, politics, makeup were some of the thousand subjects you could write about. Some companies used bloggers to spread their products.

Image Source: Pexels

Time passed and, thirteen years later, in October of 2010, a new social media, called “Instagram”, to share photos and videos, was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. The blog scene changed because of Instagram. People comment, like and spend more time checking an Instagram feed than a blog web page. It is easier to slide your fingers or find a picture to look at on Instagram than find an interesting title, open the link and after these steps, finally read what you wanted.

What was just a social media to share photos and videos has become an image dissemination tool due to its marketing suggestions and products exposition. Nowadays, companies go after instabloggers to increase the visibility of their products, hit their target, and sell through contents. Creating value to a person has been the future of internet. And thus, Instagram became a business tool.

Why to invest on Instagram?

Instagram users are more engaged and, besides that, as mentioned before, there are tools that help the ones using it for business. The online shopping has increased considerably among users.

How to start or how to improve your Instablog

Now that we know what it is and its use, there are 7 tips to you that want to start or improve yours.

1. Find your niche

Before you start, think about what your Instablog is going to be about. When someone find your profile, he/she will realize there is a niche and, if it is a subject they like, the chances of getting a new follower are bigger.

2. Have an easy username

People will remember easy usernames. Simple and creative names are trendy.

3. About you

The bio is a super important step. There you write, in few words, what your Instagram is about. Using key words is a good tip!

4. Take care of your feed

It is attractive when you take a look on a organized feed. You can find tips on Pinterest, for example, to organize it better.

5. Using hashtags

Instabloggers can hit their target by using hashtags. There are some tools to find the best ones to use.

6. Interact with your public

Make Instagram Stories, lives, answer comments. When you interact with people, it seems like you are close friends.

7. Be creative and original

Have good ideas, but always be you! Don’t create characters.

Instabloggers you should check right now!

During a talk, three instabloggers from Cásper Líbero College, in Sao Paulo, told a bit about how they started and some tips.

1. Gabiela Junqueira - @gabrielafjunqueira

Gabriela was born in Barretos and her dream was to study and live in Sao Paulo city. That dream became true and now she is a journalism student at Casper Libero College. For being part of Gen Z, she has always been connected. When she was 11, she created a blog to talk about fashion, music, books and things she liked.

Today, with almost 10k followers, she has an instablog where she talks about things that are connected to the moment of her life she is living right now, such as moving to another city to study, the student life, relationships, friendships, her routine. She says that “it is essential to be you and to use it to bring something positive to people’s lives”.

2. Rosa de Angelis - @rosadeangelis

Rosa is from Ipiranga, south part of São Paulo city. She is currently a marketing and advertising student. She loves knowing new places and her dream is to travel with good companies and enjoy a lot. She loves to watch movies on cinemas and on Netflix.

As an instablogger, she is focused on convey joy and bring it to their almost 200k followers. She started her instablog by hobbie and believes it is essential to focus on the quality of the posts, innovate the pictures, showing trends to her public.

3. Isabelle Marques - @isamarks

Isabelle is from Guarulhos and she is graduated in marketing and advertising. She never had the thought of being an influencer, but she has a friend that is an influencer, so she appeared on his InstagramStories and some of the followers started following her.

She talks about entertainment and lifestyle with her nearly 15k followers and believes that being yourself is essential to be an Instablogger. Recently, in the content category, she won the “Stories Festival”. It is clear to her now that she really wants to continue being an influencer, making a authentic and purposeful content.