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Enemies to Lovers era: Get to know the new show “Maxton Hall: The World Between Us”

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The Prime Video launch that topped the charts in the streaming is the new addiction for book fans, especially those seeking a good romance story. Meet the new social media sensation, Maxton Hall – The World Between Us, starring Damian Hardung and Harriet Herbig-Matten as the protagonists of the show.

what are you going to see?

Maxton Hall, a private school known for its super-rich students and the life that they take. Ruby Bell, a brilliant scholarship student, catches the eye of the wealthiest and most popular boy at the school, James Beaufort. After she witnesses a controversial incident involving James’s sister, Lydia Beaufort, he will do everything in his power to ensure she remains silent about what she saw.

 The lovebirds, James and Ruby , get to know each other better when the principal assigns the daddy’s boy to assist the young woman on The Committee, preparing the party that will earn her a recommendation letter and put him back on the lacrosse team. Through these interactions, they both discover a new feeling: love.

Although we follow both characters, it’s primarily Ruby´s personal life that is explored, including her traumas and financial problems. Fans are hoping to know the Beaufort family better  in season two, especially after the events at the end of the first season – like the abuse coming from James’s father, Mortimer Beaufort.  

The new TV show it’s the right pick for the book lovers. It’s a great mix of popular tropes: boy falls first, enemies to lovers and rich guy X poor girl. An engaging soundtrack and captivating plots will keep viewers entertained in the romance.

Knowing the stars

Our dear Ruby Bell, portrayed by Harriet Herbig-Matten, is a 20-year-old German actress who leads a more private life than her co-star Damian Hardung. She began her acting career in 2015 with a short film for the 99Fire Films Award. Her best-known work, before Maxton Hall, is a children’s series called ‘Bina & Tina‘, in which she played Tina. 

Unlike her co-star, Damian Hardung began his career at 13 years old, and in 2018 he played Daniel Riffert in the Netflix series ‘How to Sell Drugs Online‘. What shocked the fandom about his life is the fact that Damian is a polyglot, speaks 5 languages, is an environmental activist and a sports lover.

after the premiere

Adapted from the book series “Save Me” by Mona Kasten, this German romance story is already catching everyone’s attention. The high number of views has guaranteed a renovation for a second season, which will follow the events of the second book of the trilogy.

The show already has a high number of views and has remained in the top 10 list on Prime Video in over 120 countries, including Brazil. It holds the record for the biggest audience for an international production on the streaming platform. 

After the post on June 12 on the streaming service’s social media, fans can relax knowing that the second season is being filmed. Some of the confirmed stars in the cast, besides the protagonists, are: Sonja Weißer (Lydia), Andrea Guo (Lin), Justus Riesner (Alistair), Fedja van Huêt (Mortimer), Runa Greiner (Ember) and Ben Felipe (Cyril).


The article above was edited by Maria Clara Polcan.
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