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“Imploding The Mirage”: The Killers’ New Anthems

Blending a retro footprint with the good and already known “The Killers way” to make music, Imploding The Mirage arrived on August 21. The album, which was at first expected to be released in May, was postponed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides being the band's seventh studio album, it is the first performed without the guitarist Dave Keuning, who left in 2017.

The absence of Keuning resulted in the participation of several guitarists in the construction and production of the songs, such as Lindsey Buckingham, former member of Fleetwood Mac.

And for you to get ready to listen to this album, we've prepared a complete review of these ten songs that make up The Killers’ newest work!

Arena Songs Remains

It is a fact that one of the most outstanding features of The Killers songs is their strength and presence, that in arenas and crowded stadiums manage to thrill everyone in a very peculiar way. This album was no different. Flowers’ striking vocals along with intense guitar solos make up much of the base of the songs.

When listening to songs like “Caution” and “When The Dreams Run Dry '' you're hardly not going to catch yourself thinking in things like: “wow, imagine this in a concert”. The melodic and rhythmic set of songs impact and fully engage those who are listening.

Retro footprint that creates a nostalgic atmosphere

In addition to being able to evoke unique sensations in the listener, Imploding The Mirage also brings elements that make direct reference to past times, especially the 80s. The marked bass of “Fire In Bone” and the beat of “Running Towards a Place” will certainly refer you to bands like New Order or artists like Bruce Springsteen, two inspirations that Flowers claims to have used to build the album.

Maintaining their originality and authenticity in the way of writing the songs, the band builds a particular universe by listening to the album. Universe in which references to the 80s are well used and positioned.

Lyrics about what it’s like to be human

Of course that we couldn’t not talk about something so strong in The Killers universe: the lyrics! Interpreted intensely by Brandon Flowers, the lyrics that make up the songs run through paths and narratives that culminate in a great allegory of what it is to be human. Unknown feelings, internal conflicts, life processes, crises and relationships with our own memory are some of the topics addressed.

At the end, you realize that this album fits perfectly with the current situation, in which we are going through moments when self-knowledge and our relationship with solitude are constantly put to the test.

Imploding The Mirage is for sure an album that will make you smile, think, cry (maybe), remember and most importantly, imagine. Causing unpredictable smiles and taking us by surprise with choruses that easily turn into new anthems, “The Killers” continues to impact and leave us wanting to dance, scream and sing thousands of times.


This text was edited by Amanda Oestreich.

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