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Immaculate: what to expect from the new Sydney Sweeney movie

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

The new Sydney Sweeney‘s movie is called Immaculate and will be released on May 30th in Brazil. The plot revolves around Cecilia, a young religious girl who is taken into a nunnery and quickly begins to suffer the consequences of a place with a dark past, including an unexpected pregnancy. 

The movie portrays Cecilia’s experiences in the monastery and all the horrors that she will face. Considering Sydney’s previous performances and the parts of the plot presented in the trailer, what can we expect from her new movie? 


The Immaculate’s director is Michael Mohan. It’s relevant to mention that this isn’t his first time working with Sydney. Since 2010, Michael has directed many other celebrities, and therefore, they have worked together for the first time in Everything Sucks and later in The Voyeurs. As they were both familiar with each other’s way of working, everything indicates a comfortable collaboration with a wide range of scenarios to be explored. 

From the initial scenes of the trailer, we can see that the movie will be gripping, introducing some uncomfortable scenes to the viewers, including loud screams, jump scares, and a lot of blood. The plot itself, as I summarized, isn’t so different from others already told by famous franchises, like The Nun 2 or The Conjuring

Despite Cecilia inevitably assuming a passive position in the face of all the horrible things that happened, Sydney brings to her a brave and resistant personality, which can be noticed through her expressions. For example, right from the start, they show us a lot of fear and tiredness. Cecilia always knew she couldn’t rest for a long time. 

The ambiance can be enlightening for us. The scenarios are always dark and gloomy, not only considering the colors, but also the music, for example, being scary by itself, creates an insecure mood for the viewers. The architecture, for example, typically found in religious terror, is usually contextualized in monasteries. 

The choice of the actresses couldn’t be more appropriate, with all of them maintaining expressions and body language that match the essence of their characters. For example, the last nun’s monologue in the trailer and her leading phrase: “Suffering is love.” She has a wide range of acting skills and a striking appearance. 

The production in question was already released in American cinemas, and considering that, the public made some remarks that can confirm Brazilians’ assumptions. Most of the viewers claimed to be terrified by the movie production, reporting an anxious feeling of leaving the movie theater not feeling well. Some said that they would never watch the film again. 

Remembering her earlier roles

Since the release of Anyone But You, a movie that made me take another look at the talented acting of Sydney Sweeney, I feel more encouraged to consume every piece of media that she has been a part of. 

So, I was committed to learning more about her previous performances in movies and series, and, with that, it’s important to remember that she isn’t just a familiar face, but a recurring personality in the film industry for years now. To make it easier to remember, here are some works that Sydney has already done: 

  • Emaline, in the first season of Everything Sucks! 
  • Snake, in Once upon a time in…Hollywood  
  • Olivia, in the first season of The White Lotus
  • Julia, in Madame Web
  • Reality Winter, in the movie Reality
  • Cassie, in Euphoria
  • Bea, in Anyone but you

Also, we can notice that all her appearances have never had low visibility. Sydney has been working on improving her career since 2009, showcasing herself as a very versatile actress. 

Anyway, Sydney’s past work, the producer’s history, the clues from the trailer, and American opinions show us that the movie will be nothing but a success. Playing such a role seems to have been challenging for Sydney, since assuming that kind of fragility involves more than it looks like. Despite this, it will be a new and incredible opportunity for those who, just like me, underestimated Sydney’s work at some point. Brazil is waiting for you, Sydney! 


The article above was edited by Brisa Kunichiro.

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