Ideas to Enjoy Brazilian Valentine’s day While in Quarantine

If you have a partner, June 12th is a day to celebrate the love you share and the gift of having someone so special in your lives. In a regular situation, you would be preparing to schedule a special date for this day, maybe a romantic dinner (or lunch) in a restaurant that you both like, a picnic in the park, going to the movie theater, or just staying the most of time you can together.

But now we are living in a different situation, in which, ironically, it’s important to stay separated. The quarantine is being one of the most effective ways to avoid the dissemination of the Coronavirus and a collapse of the health system.

Some couples have the privilege of being together in quarantine, but a lot of the population can not see or stay together with their lovers and will spend Valentine's Day apart. Thinking about all of these things, we gathered here some ideas for couples in these two kinds of situations to spend Valentine's Day the best and safest way possible! 

  1. 1. Make a movies marathon

    If you are with your bae at home, you can select some movies that you like or have some meaning for your relationship and watch them together in an exclusive movies marathon!

    You can pretend that you are in the movie theater making some personalized tickets, preparing some popcorn and putting it on these pots that imitate the cinema popcorn bags, buy some treats and soda.

    If you prefer something simpler, you can make some hot cocoa, catch a fluffy blanket, some pillows or bolster and and snuggle up to watch your favorite movies.

    I swear it will be very cool!

  2. 2. Prepare a romantic dinner

    Can’t go out of home doesn’t mean that you need to cancel your plans of having a romantic dinner, because you can make it at home! You just need to cook something you like and decorate the house to create a romantic mood.

    Go to the grocery shop or the supermarket (obviously wearing a mask and having all the necessary care) and buy the things to prepare the dish, some candles and flowers. You can also buy a good wine or drink you like.

    If you are not into cooking, there is no problem, decorate the environment where you will eat and order some food and enjoy!

  3. 3. Dance together 

    If you’re together at home, why not make a particular party and dance all night long?

    Make a playlist with your favorite songs and free up a space in your house to use as your dance floor. If you have it, you can exchange an ordinary lamp for a black light to make it look more like a dance club and also use these disco lights. 

    Put in some nice clothes and have fun!

  4. 4. Party in the box

    This is an interesting idea for those who are spending the quarantine separated. Buy a party box for you both and make a video call for you to eat “together” and feel a little bit closer. These kits are available in a wide variety of types and can also be customized, it depends on who you buy from. 

    You can also make the kit yourself and only pay the delivery fee! It may be even more special! 

  5. 5. Record a music video

    Record a video singing to your loved one! Let the shame aside and show feelings by singing a song that has a special meaning for your relationship! It doesn't need to be anything very sophisticated, it’s just to show him/her how important he/she is in your life.

    If you don’t like to sing, you can make a cover of the song playing some instrument and giving your own interpretation. 

  6. 6. Play online games together

    If you like to play online games, that’s a good idea to spend Valentine's day “together”. Choose a game that you like to play together and have fun! You are not so much the gamer type, you can play games like garthic or Town, Country, River. 

    See what you both like the most and have fun!

  7. 7. Send your lover a letter or a surprise

    Ok, I know it’s a little old fashioned, but sending your partner a love letter will never stop being romantic!

    Nowadays, with all the technology that makes de communication much faster, sending a handwritten letter by mail gets even more unique and special, because it means that you separated a time of your race routine to make something singular for him/ her.

    You can also send a surprise with the letter, like flowers (other things that never go out of style) or chocolates. I think that the person will love it!


The article above was edited by Thays Avila. 

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