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How Tiktok Has Influenced Fashion Trends

Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. It is the small well-thought-out cuts that fit the right music, of course, that made Tik Tok the platform of the moment. The app's innovative and fun style has made several cultures adhere to the newness of the moment, creating different videos and participating in the challenges that have traveled the world, with videos of transformation, makeup and dances. This generation increased dramatically around the world during the pandemic period. During the confinement, a platform opened the door even more to other audiences besides the Z generation. Now celebrities of all ages and brands are also part of this content platform.

A trend starts

With so many new people arriving, new content was made and old content was recycled. The famous dances in the app gave more space to the fashion sequences that are innovating and diversifying the mode of consumption of fashion. The new trend is creating a style and also a new way of distributing information about fashion. If before it was necessary to follow stylists and bloggers specialized in fashion and watch long videos and posts to understand a little more style and find out how to combine and harmonize pieces, now in a 15 or 60 second video you can visualize and take as needed to a complete look.

This way of consuming content and fashion is mainly impacting the Z generation, which is increasingly inspired by the sets made on the platform. New profiles dedicated only to fashion tips and information have been created, and among them are from passionate about fashion to stylists and great references in the area. One of the great brands to enter the platform and mark territory for Calvin Klein, who appeared on the platform in 2019 with videos of models and singers associated with the brand. Here in Brazil, one of the biggest influencers of the platform to guarantee this new space is Laura Brito, with 1.7 million followers, who shows her style and shows new trends for followers through humor and short videos.

This new way of communicating with users shows a more open fashion universe with more personality. The main idea is to show that each one has a style and the more creativity, the more trend it will be. This union of the platform with fashion is changing much more than just the way of consuming information, it is reshaping the concept of fashion and opening space for audiences that are not the priority of major fashion distribution agencies, such as the plus size audience . In addition to dictating new trends, it is also changing the concept of fashion videos and going far beyond the basics of the runways. With this new method of consumption, brands that have not yet entered the rhythm of Tik Tok will need to reinvent themselves to be able to communicate with the new audience.

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