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How to Incorporate the Latest Fashion Trends on Your Own Style

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Fashion can be an object of desire, but often unreachable. Some trends seem impossible to be used, maybe because of the complexity to fit what is glamorous on the day to day outfits, but it is possible to draw style and comfort to clothing, using only certain elements deployed on the runway.

There are some pieces that fashionistas use – and are being reproduced on fast fashion stores, that girls are afraid to use without letting their own style behind. The most important tip is: start slowly. You don’t need to wear all the trends together,  so try to use those that make you more confident. So, here are some pieces that can help you start this transition:

Animal Print

The animal print is always on the rise, because it lets you looking super modern. The animal print is in various options such as pants, sneakers, boots and even dresses. The rule for using this tendency is to feel good! Regardless of your body type, use what your high esteem will appreciate.

To integrate your style with the stamped parts, choose details in sneakers or slip sneakers. When using shoes with animal print, bet on more neutral clothes, such as jeans and a white blouse, so you use the trend, but without overdoing it.

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If you are already feeling more secure, use clothes with prints, like trousers and skirts. A Jaguar print skirt with a blouse and vest are great pieces to assemble a modern and relaxed look.

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The Leopard print is easier and popular, but nothing prevents you from daring with a snake, dalmatian or zebra.

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This trend is back to stay! The metallics are the fashionistas favorites because they bring a futuristic tone with the silver, copper and rose colors. The most incredible in this trend is that it is not only the clothing, but also the accessories, makeup and nail polish.

A great tip for using metalized is to  wear it with something you normally use, like the jeans. T-shirts and metallized cropped, ideal to add to that basic jeans and bet on the trend.

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Metallic skirt is a Joker to who is more familiar with the style. She is very versatile and you can use with a  rocky t-shirt, a thinner sweatshirt or an oversized jeans jacket.

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The fabric is in all forms of possible modeling. The cool of velvet is that you can play with the textures and accessories of clothes without losing the style. Besides that, it’s easy to fit in all occasions, like college and parties.

If you still think the Velvet is so 90’s, take a chance with the tops, because they are easy to combine with pants, skirts or shorts. The fabric is so trendy that you will find it in coats or in sexy bodysuits.

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Whenever you want to use Velvet in other approaches, you can use in footwear, for  example, with ankle boot or over the knee boots.

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Fishnet Socks

Another element that came back was the fishnets, a controversial accessory, but super fashion. The casual idea brings style to the look and hit the streets. The fishnet socks exist in many different colors and sizes, you choose which you prefer and can use with any clothing, from shorts and dresses to pants.

The more copied outfits are the ones with destroyed jeans. This style is very easy to use, because it’s possible to combine with t-shirt or cropped. If you prefer something shorter, the tip is to let the sock apparent above the waist.

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If you do not want to risk with trousers, you can use  socket fishnets. The advantage of using this way is that all look becomes fashion, and this idea goes down well with tennis, scarpin and even moccasin.

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This trend is controversial; there are those who love and those who hate. Remodeled, the platform won a new name and new approaches, but has the same style as usual. This footwear is simple to use and you can combine it with everything from pants to jumpsuit.

The slip sneakers won the platform and became even more versatile. The tip is to use it with your favorite jeans, because you’ll run away from the comfort zone, but with a lot of style.

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The flatform can appear also in a “tratorada” cleated sole version, that is overused by fashionistas, because it brings something rustic to the look.  Also widely used is the one that have wood detailing on the platform, which shows a Japanese influence on footwear. The amazing of these possibilities is that you can use them with any part of your closet.

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