"How I Met Your Mother": The Best Episodes to Binge-Watch Before It Comes Out Of Netflix

If you are true fan of "How I Met Your Mother" - or have always been curious to watch it -, this post is for you. Joy and laugh are just part of this TV show, that also makes you get so involved with the characters that you may cry sometimes. And I can assure you that every tear is worth it. If you don't know where to start, we made a selection of the best episodes that made HIMYM one of the most legendary TV shows of the beginning of 20th century. 

However, here is some sad news: Netflix announced that FOX will not renew its licensing agreement with Netflix, and consequently all of the FOX series in the catalog, including "How I Met Your Mother", will be taken out from the streaming service on September 3rd. So, besides presenting a list of the best episodes of the show, this post is also an opportunity to know which ones are worthy of a marathon.

Best episodes of "How I Met Your Mother"

Season 1

- Belly Full of Turkey S01X09

On the first Thanksgiving, Lily goes to the house of her boyfriend's parents, Marshall, while Robin and Ted stay in New York trying to understand the behavior of Barney in a volunteer work. Moved by the unforeseen and the actions of the characters, this is one of the episodes that makes you laugh the most in the first season.

- The Limo S01X11

What could happen in the New Year’s Eve with five friends and one limo? Parties, mismatches and inconvenient boyfriends are just a part of this night. For full understanding and laughing, you should definitely watch this episode.

Season 2

- Slap Bet S02X09

And here begins the saga of Robin Sparkles and the slap bet. Not giving so many spoilers, but those are two events that will make HIMYM of the most involving shows ever.

- Arrivederci, Fierro S02X17

As it’s said in the title, this is a goodbye for Marshall’s car: the Fierro, a car with so many stories that makes you know better all the characters and their stories that were marked by this vehicle.

- Something Borrowed S02X21

ALERT: THIS IS A GOOD SPOILER. This is one of the most emotional and funny episodes of the series. The story involves a day of marriage in the best perspective ever. In my opinion, this is one of the best episodes of the whole show.

Season 3

- How I Met Everyone Else S03X05

This episode happens just on a bar table. Yes… and the flashbacks are what characterize how the friendship of those five friends is built – with an inconvenient presence of a crazy date of Ted.

- The Yips S03X10

In a gym everything is possible. Even finding the person with whom you lost your virginity. And that’s what happened to Barney. Between comes and goes, this meeting reveals that his first time wasn’t that good and, because of that, Barney lost his ability of dating girls – even in a Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show. What could solve that?

- Miracles S03X20

In the season finale, every character reevaluates their lives after an accident that happens with Ted. In an unpredictable way, Barney tries to get Ted's forgiven in a moment that their friendship is not that good. And, believe me, it ends in an even more unpredictable way.

Season 4

- The Stinsons S04X15

Nobody knows what Barney is doing. Is he meeting someone? Is he in love? In this episode the characters discovers the new face of Barney with his apparent family. To know what’s true you must watch this episode.

- The Leap S04X24

Everything was going wrong in Ted’s life. A job opportunity appears and makes he works a lot to have an end not that good. Surprise parties, goats and hospital. How this three things can fit together in one episode? You’ll discover it in a surprising and emotional way.

Season 5

- Last Cigarette Ever S05X11

Stress. This is the element that makes those friends smoke one, two, three… well, a lot of cigarettes. And is in this episode a lot of things happen that culminate in the apparent last cigarette of the group.

- Girls vs Suits S05X12

Not giving so many spoilers, but in this episode, one of the most legendary performances happens in the streets of Manhattan. I’ll not say anything else, just watch it. You won’t regret it.

Season 6

- Subway Wars S06X04

Competition, bets and friends. This episode is so funny and exciting that makes you get really involved with "How I Met Your Mother". At this point of the show, I can assure that you’ll be addicted.

- The Perfect Cocktail S06X22

With a combination of different drinks in the perfect order, Robin and Lily resolves a fight involving Marshall and Barney. I’m telling you, this episode will make you laugh a lot.

Season 7

- Disaster Averted S07X09

The hurricane Irene is near and the five friends are doing different things to get away of it. In an unexpected journey they’ll make things that will be marked even in the Maclaren’s pub.

- Symphony of Illumination S07X12

You’ll probably cry watching this episode. Not trying to spoiler you, but the Christmas time have never been so touching.

- The Magician's Code (part 1) S07X23

Daddy in Atlantic City and Mommy in labor. How could this go right? Just watching this episode will make you realize how perfectly "How I met Your Mother" fit things in the best way.

Season 8

- The Final Page, Part Two S08X12

The final page reveals for us a love of a couple that could never been best developed.  And here’s where begins a journey that’ll makes you love this show even more.

- P.S. I Love You S08X15

Remember Robin Sparkles? Let’s go to the mall? In this episode a new face of Robin Sparkles appears in the middle of a stalking issue. Besides listening another hit of Sparkles you’ll laugh a lot.

- The Time Travelers S08X20

Are you looking for emotional episodes? If your answer is yes, this is the best one for you. Ted end up analyzing his life a perfect way, even being in bar.

Season 9

- The Rehearsal Dinner S09X12

In the saga of marriage weekend, the most unexpected thing happens in the rehearsal dinner. With an amazing production, this episode will make you impressed.

- How Your Mother Met Me (200th Episode) S09X16

The famous mother of the title of the series appears and also gets an episode just for her stories. This is so legendary. Really. You won’t regret watching.

- The End of the Aisle S09X22

The last episode of the list is one of the most beautiful and emotional of the show. Besides making you excited, this episode makes you reflect on your own life. The famous quote of How I met Your Mother “Love is the best thing we do” is beautifully approached in this episode.