Hot N’ Cold: How to Wear Summer Clothes on the Winter

The coldest season of the year is here and you need to adapt the wardrobe to keep warm. But, do not worry, you do not have to spend a lot because we bet you must already have versatile accessories, which are possible to use in both heat and cold weather. Do not forget to wrap up well and bet on the tips, as they make a difference in the look.


The hat adapts incredibly well to any season. In the summer, it can be used for protection, but, in the winter, it changes the look because it is a super fashion accessory. With its diverse formats, textures and colors, the tip is to invest in one that makes you comfortable, respecting your style.

In the summer, the hats can be worn with a more relaxed look or something more formal. The cool thing is to combine the various possibilities of the accessory with the occasion and your clothes.

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The hat is another piece that complements the look in winter. You can blend it with your style, plus you can opt for more vibrant colors to leave the monotony of winter behind.

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The winter sweetheart is the scarf. Always very easy and fun, it suits everything. From the thicker ones, like the famous “collars”, the scarf can be used in any occasions.

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The incredible part of the scarf is that, in summer, it is more like a piece to dare in the look. It’s a good tip to wear a different basic black one or innovate the shirt with jeans.

​Credits: Pinterest The “bandana”, for example, is a great joker to have in the wardrobe, because it can be used in summer or winter on many different ways.

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Here are some tips for using the scarf.

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Fishnet Socks

It's not coming and going: the Fishnet Sock came back to stay. This is the kind of accessory to have in the closet because, in addition to being cheap, it matches everything. Make it hot or cold at midnight, it’s great to help changing the look and make it stylish.

The trend of destroyed pants and pantyhose can be worn in winter as well, what you can do is opt for a tricot or a warmer jacket. But, if you prefer to wear a dress, try putting a thicker pantyhose under the fishnet sock, so you do not lose the style and will not feel cold.

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In the summer there is no secret, bet on the socks with all possible combinations, it is easy and versatile, being possible to wear with all the parts of your wardrobe.

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If you ask for a joker for any fashion lover, this will be the answer. The vest is simply a easier piece to use and combine because there is a multitude of material, such as nylon, jeans, synthetic, and cuts, for example, short, maxi, tailoring.

Tailor's vest, for example, is an easier-to-use piece than you might think. In the heat summer, it goes well with shorts, skirts or dresses. And the best of it is that it looks something very formal, but it's not. In fact, it brings a sophisticated look to the combination.

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In winter it is no different, tailoring matches heavier parts as well. Putting on a warmer mesh or a heavier coat are solutions to continue using the joker.

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