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Here Are The Best Songs To Sing At A Karaoke Night

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Whether you’re a lost talent or a brave voice, everyone loves to let loose and gather with friends in a room with twinkling lights. From Japan to the world, the karaoke craze has been gaining followers since the 70s, when devices were invented that make everyone speak out.

Certain songs are true anthems at karaoke nights, check out our list, and don’t miss any when putting together your playlist!

1. Chitãozinho e Chororó – Evidências

The classic of classics cannot be missing from any playlist, especially when we are talking about singing together as if we were all heartbroken.

2. NX Zero – Razões e Emoções

The emo era was never a phase, this is that song that even those who don’t know can sing at least the chorus.

3. Pitty – Teto De Vidro

The song by our favorite woman from Bahia is breathtaking and awakens the most rebellious side in anyone. Anyone who has never lost their hair singing this one will cast the first stone.

4. Turma do Pagode – Camisa 10

Still in the vibe of Brazilian classics, we couldn’t miss a pagodinho on our list, right? “Camisa 10”, on top of everything else, makes you dance without even realizing it.

5. Seu Jorge – Mina do condomínio

Seu Jorge wrote this song thinking about everyone who loves to sing along with the lyrics, after all, who never had a crush next door?

6. ABBA – Mamma Mia

Foreign songs also count and this is the queen of karaoke, you can’t miss a mini-musical with three friends to let your voice out.

7. Justin Bieber – Baby

Moments of 2000s nostalgia are always welcome, and “Baby” also features backing vocals from the entire crowd.

8. George Michael – Careless Whisper

For the romantics out there, George Michael is there. Take advantage and declare yourself to your loved one!

9. Cazuza – Exagerado

Without exaggeration, Cazuza deserves his own list for karaoke. No matter the age, anyone will want to grab the microphone when “Exagerado” starts playing.

10. Katy Perry – I kissed a girl

Katy Perry kissed a girl, and it resulted in one of the best songs to sing in a karaoke, in the shower, or even in the car.

11. Beyoncé – Single Ladies

Still in the pop world, “Single Ladies” is that moment at the party when everyone gets up and starts shaking their hands to the rhythm of the choreography.

12. Bruno Mars – Just the way you are

And to finish our playlist, our beloved Bruninho, who knows very well that we have suffered since the first verse of “Just the Way You Are”.

From the country roots of Chatãozinho & Chororó to the nostalgic pop of Justin Bieber, each song on this list is part of the repertoire of every respectable karaoke artist. So if you’re planning a night of singing, save these here!


The article above was edited by Giullia Cartaxo.

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