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Happy Mother’s Day: 8 Amazing Movies And TV Shows About Strong Moms

Mother´s day is coming! Traditionally, it is an international date to celebrate the woman who gave us birth and take care of us since we were born. Even though they are one of the people that we fight the most, they always will be there for you! That is why, in order to celebrate this special day, I selected eight TV series and movies which contain very thought and inspiring mothers! And I am sure that you will agree with me.

Room: Joy Newsome

The most powerful character of the movie Room is, without doubt, Joy Newsome. She was kidnapped by a man called Nick who raped her every day and kept her trapped in a small room for seven years. There, she had a child named Jack and took care of him while they were both living in the room. She suffered from malnutrition and depression, but always tried to remain strong in order to make her son happy. Joy also created a plan for them to escape and it was successful! But, even though they are free, she is always worried about Jack's readjustment to the real world, and has to face the judgment of people because of their history. She struggles with a lot of psychological problems but her love and connection with her son helps her to stay steady.

Girls from Ipanema: Adélia

Adélia is a black woman who used to work as a housekeeper and lives in a poor village in Rio de Janeiro with her daughter, Conceição. She decided to open a music club with her white friend, Maria Luiza in order to give herself and her daughter a better life. Since the show describes Brazil in the 50s, it was a huge challenge for the time to be a woman, black and want to do something that was not approved by the community. Adélia represents the resistance against a supremacist and conservative society and also raised Conceição mostly alone until her boyfriend comes back home at the beginning of the show.

Game of thrones: Cersei Lannister

Cersei is the smartest, craziest and most powerful queen in the Game of Thrones universe. She comes from a rich family who passes almost the whole show commanding King's Landing, the capital of the continent, Westeros. The character manipulates, kill, torture and arrest anyone who is a threat to her power, as a way to protect her three children who are the only ones that have her true love. All of them are killed by different enemies but still, Cersei finds all of the murderers and avenges her children´s deaths. She also was very humiliated but always found a way to come back stronger and maintain her legacy for her kids.

The second mother: Val

Val is a Brazilian maid, who moved from the North of the country to the city of São Paulo, where she spent ten years living at her boss's house. Although she was seen as a second mother to the children of the family, she always received a different treatment, such as having to eat at a separable table. Everything changes when her daughter, Jéssica, comes after ten years without seeing or speaking with her mother. At first, she refuses to talk with Val, feeling cheated by her since she had another family. But, since her mother was very regretful, they started to create a huge connection. Jéssica also helps Val to see how she was always segregated at her employer's house, making her quit her job and living together, as it should be.

The incredibles: Elastigirl

Helen Parr, or Elastigirl, does a very exhausting job, as a mom and superhero. Firstly, she is a housewife, which means that she spends her day doing the laundry, cooking, cleaning and stopping constant fights between her two teenage kids while she takes care of a third, who is a baby. Secondly, as a superhero, in every battle Helena risks her life to protect her children many times without hesitation, not to mention her constant fights against crime in order to make the world less dangerous for everyone, including her kids.

Modern Family: Gloria Prichett

Gloria is a Colombian stunning woman who moved to the United States with her son, Manny, who she raised alone. They are very close and Gloria always supports his decisions. She used to be a hairdresser and a cab driver, but in America married Jay Prichett and became a housewife. Although many people say that she did it because of Jay´s money, she loves him and their family more than anything in the world, always standing up to defend them. Gloria also always expresses her opinion and fights against some stereotypes and the life of being an immigrant in the United States, which is not easy.

Gilmore Girls: Lorelai Gilmore

With sixteen years and a lovely life in the highest society, Lorelai got pregnant by accident. She ran away from home, refused to marry her boyfriend and drove to the hospital by herself to give birth alone. Lorelai also found a job at the Independence Inn and lived in its propriety for a while and after that got enough money to buy a house to settle with her daughter, Rory, and sustained both of them. She also got the highest position at the Inn and built a wonderful relationship with Rory since they are best friends and are always there for each other in their struggles.

Good girls: Ruby, Beth and Annie

Beth is a housewife cheated by her husband, who spent all of their money, covering them in debts. Ruby is a waitress, with no money to treat her sick daughter. Annie is a cashier who lives alone with her son and is always struggling with finances. They are three mothers and best friends, who are desperate for cash to maintain their children with a good quality of life. That is why the trio started to rob money and became criminals, helping each other and doing what is necessary to keep their family well and out of jail.

I hope that you enjoyed knowing more about those empowered mothers of television! Which one is your favorite?


This article was edited by Nicoly Bastos.

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