Graphic Power: Meet André Valente

0cm;line-height:115%;background:white">Name: André ValenteAge: 20Major: JournalismoYear: 2016Hometown: São PauloSign: VirgoPreference: BoysStatus: Taken

0cm;line-height:115%;background:white">When the first episode of Sailor Moon aired in 1991, André Valente wasn’t even born yet. That did not stop him becoming one of the biggest fans of the anime in Brazil – he is actually one of the managers of the biggest brazilian group on Facebook about Sailor Moon, the Sailor Moon Brasil. He started watching the show when he was little kid and is still a huge fan. His bedroom is full of Sailor Moon objects.

André, or Deco for the close ones, started watching anime shows when he was little and used to watch cartoons before going to school. Only Sailor Moon, that he used to watch before school and at night, when he recorded the show to watch it again later on. Animes as Sakura Card Captors, Inuyasha and Samurai X were some little Deco watched constantly and also one of the reasons why he first got an interest in Japanese culture. He told us that besides japanese programs, he loves series, especially Vampire Diaries and science fiction. He started learning Japanese this year and intends to carry it on.

Lover of languages, Deco has not only studied Japanese but also English, Spanish, German, Italian and French. He admits not finishing none of them, but says he loves studying different cultures. “I’ve studied a lot of Latin, as well. I think that’s pretty important for us to understand our culture, where our words come from.”

But, what is the main reason for your Sailor Moon passion?What captivated me the most was the beautiful message it passes about friendship, and that you don't need to be a super strong - physically - person to be strong and suceed in life. You can always conquer obstacles if you have people to help you and give you strength" he said.

I heard you enjoy astronomy and have other interesting hobbies..Yeah! I enjoy astronomy a lot. The universe is the most fascinating thing and also very crazy sometimes, if I understand anything about math or physics, I would probably study it more. I usually go nuts for a certain topic for a few weeks and research everything about it. Apart from that, I enjoy greek, celtic and roman mythology. I'm that kind of person that goes to a bookshop and gets the mythology one.

And because you are so into astronomy, you eventually became a star on campus, right? I never saw how it happened. In Núcleo Editorial I got my internship because I like design and I loved having Indesign classes. Then I also got a part in CAVH (Cásper Student Union), my friends were organizing everthing and invited me to go along. The great thing about CAVH is that you meet a lot of people in only one place, and everyone is from a different year and major. When you need to deliver a message, you have to knock in every class, in the entire college. It's very enriching.

Deco and I working on Núcleo Editoral

If you were famous?I would be able to know a lot of people that appreciate me and share experiences with a million people. The worst part is being opressed. When you do something wrong, it is okay. When someone famous makes a mistake, the whole world knows and judges.

Since we are in Finals Week, do you have any rituals for it?I generally eat delicious things, because is a tough and sad week.