“Good Girls”, A Mom/Girl Power TV Show

“Today, girls can be anything”. With an empowering speech, Good Girls, an American crime comedy-drama that was released internationally on Netflix on July 4, has everything to become our next favorite TV show to binge watch. 

Good Girls tells the story of Annie (Mae Whitman), Ruby (Retta) and Beth (Christina Hendricks), three suburban Detroit mothers who are best friends, two of them whom are sisters, and are going through a very hard time, facing financial issues and their own family problems to deal with.

Annie, for example, works at a grocery store and discovers that her wealthy ex is suing her for their daughter’s custody, and she cannot afford a good layer to fight him. Ruby is a waitress and is struggling to give her daughter the health care she needs to treat her kidney disease. She can’t afford her daughter’s medication, and has to watch the little girl suffer. Finally Beth, a housewife, not only discovers that her husband is cheating on her, but also that he is covered in debts and soon her four kids won’t have a roof over their heads. 

Ruby and her daughter Sara. Image Credit: IMDb

Jokingly, Annie tells her sister Beth and their best friend Ruby that they should rob a grocery store, more specifically the one she works at, and for her surprise they are so desperate that they agree. They start planning the robbery with the advantage that Annie knows the place very well, and believes they will get at least 30 thousand dollars.

With kitchen gloves, Beth’s kids toy guns and a robber mask, they successfully rob the grocery store Annie works at. However, they get way more money than they planned onto, which leaves them with a few unwanted consequences, like getting involved with a gang and the crime world. 

Image Credit: IMDb

The TV series is very empowering in the way that shows Beth, a wife that lived for her husband and kids for many years, and now discovers something she likes to do, even if it is wrong, that is crime. This way she can be independent, afford her family’s expenses, pay their debts and standup to her cheating husband.

It also brings a very important topic to conversation which is gender identity, since Annie’s child, Sadie (Izzy Stannard), is being bullied in school for dressing and acting “like a boy”, but however, has an amazing base of support from her mother, and is most times a happy child. 

Annie and her daughter Sadie. Image Credit: IMDb

The show stars, actresses Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman, show an incredible ability of doing comedy and drama at the same TV show, portraying difficult situations like rape, but also making people laugh most of the show. Their chemistry on screen is definitely incredible, and makes us love their bond as best friends and their support system for each other. 

Good Girls has one season and has been renewed for a second one. It takes us in a journey where we might cry, but will also certainly want to laugh. The TV series is available on Netflix and is definitely a must-watch!