Getting Into Comics: 10 Comic Books for Beginners

Just like books, comics offer a whole world where it’s possible to have adventures in many ways. All these adventures come with a plus: you can see them! But if you don't read comic books a lot and don't how or where to start, we can help you! 

Are you ready for a new journey? I heard a “yes”? So choose any one of these comics and be prepared to be happy, thrill, scared, or excited.

Miss Marvel

Image Source: Pinterest

A good comic list needs a superhero and here it is Kamala Khan, the new Miss Marvel. She’s a typical nerd teenager with doubts, school and family problems and instant crushes, but there’s something special about this Muslim girl.

In the middle of the process to discover who’s herself, she will have to find a way to deal with all the changes and consequences of being a superhero. But there will be lots of fun moments too and crossovers with villains and other Marvel's superheroes.

Batgirl - DC Rebirth

Image Source: DC Comics

We already have a Marvel's  girl, so it’s time for a DC one. After a long time without pay attention to the Brazilian passion for Barbara, Panini finally started to publish something about Batgirl, and the new arc, Rebirth, is the choosen one.

As always, Barbara keeps being strong and workaholic, and as always, this last characteristic will make her danger more rad ring. Between comings and goings through lots of Asian cities, she will not be prepared for everything but will face every situation with the maximum level of her bravery. And remember, this is only the beginning.

Ninguém vira adulto de verdade

Image Source: Biialou

Stay calm! In Ninguém Vira Adulto de Verdade, Sarah Andersen won’t throw lots of “trues” and insults about your extended adolescence in your face but will show you that lots of people feel the same way and that “adult” is not more than a word. And how? With very funny little stories about our doubts, lazy days, social life, anxiety, and dates.

Placas tectônicas

Image Source: Delirium Nerd

Here is another comic that shows how being an adult is not even 1% closer to the glamorous and mature world we thought it was when we were kids. And believe me, there’s nothing wrong with that. 

Between a recent divorce, a daughter, responsibilities and new loves, Margaux will tell her own stories about adulthood in a funny - and sometimes chaotic - way that it’s impossible not to identify.

Paper Girls

Image Source: Media Geek

Do you like Stranger Things? So I’m sure you will like Paper Girls too. Four newspaper delivery girls are about to discover a new adventure, but more serious than they think. After 1988’s Halloween they will be face to face with sci-fi, mysteries and time travels.


Image Source: Tumblr

Maus (mouse in German) it’s the Vladek Spielgelman’s story. He is a polish jew who survived after have been through Auschwitz’s concentration camp.

Here, the Jews are mouses, Nazis are cats, Non-Jewish Polishes are pigs and North Americans are dogs. But do not get carried away thinking about cute draws, the story is very sad and hard to read.


Image Source: Afro Nerd

Persépolis is the Marjane Satrapi’s autobiography. She tells all her story since she was ten years old, when saw herself being forced to use the Hijab.

Marjane saw the beginning of the revolution that launched Islam in a dark era, and you can see everything by her eyes and thoughts.

O despertar de Cthulhu

Image Source: Jovem Nerd

Despair is green, remember this warning. This comic brings together eight stories inspired by Cthulhu, the terrifying cosmic entity created by H. P. Lovecraft. If you like horror, wickedness, and madness, run to buy it.


Image Source: Cormo Nerd

Alena’s life isn’t easy, she is constantly bullied by Filippa and the other lacrosse’s team girls. Her best friend, Josefin, is more than angry and tired about that things, so she decides to solve this situation, unless Alena do it herself.

But there is a problem in the middle of the way: Josefin has been dead for a year. If you are a thriller’s fan, this comic was made to you.

Mulheres - Retratos de Respeito, Amor-Próprio, Direitos e Dignidade

Image Source: Equalize da Leitura

This one is really fast, because each story has one page. It’s a comic about women’s stories. The illustrations were made by Carol Rossetti and will make you reflect about our own diversity of feelings, thoughts, bodies, ideas, and many other subjects.