Get Into the Ultimate Holiday Baking Spirit With "Sugar Rush" Christmas Special

Are you a big fan of Christmas? Are you a big fan of cooking tv shows? What about mashing those two things into one delicious Netflix’s series about baking competitions, with very nice judges and a hilarious host? I think I have exactly what you’ll love: Sugar Rush, a very fun and (not very) relaxing show, in which time is all they rely on. 

Sugar Rush has a very specific mold: in three hours, the four teams need to manage to make not only one, but two desserts. The first round is all about cupcakes, in which Candice Nelson, the famous “queen of cupcakes” assign a challenge for the bakers. The second round is Adriano Zumbo’s turn, in which he challenges them to make a confection based on the main theme of the episode. And finally the cake round: the guest judge, which changes in every episode, challenges the two last contestants to make a giant cake for them to taste and enjoy visually.

And you might be wondering: where’s the Christmassy part? Well, this new season is all about Christmas! 

All six episodes are Christmas themed: from Santa Claus to The Nutcracker, these episodes are a full-on holly jolly experience. The whole decoration will help you find some inspiration, the jokes are hilarious and even the little pieces, such as their accessories or aprons, got in the holiday season.

If you enjoy a thrilling and exciting episodes filled with sugar, countdowns, Christmas and jokes: Sugar Rush is for you and this new season is waiting for you and your Netflix and chill session. I can assure you’ll love it!

And hey, I can assure you that you’ll fall in love with Zumbo and his lovely way to judge the contestants.