Get Lit: Top #4 Biggest Fall Make-up Trends!

Ever since the Euphoria TV Show, there is a sharp rise of avant-garde makeup on social media. And, specially because of that, there has never been a better time to experiment and have fun with every single product in your makeup bag. 

Extremelly bold and creative, below, I have rounded up all four of the biggest 2020 fall makeup trends! Go for it, have some fun & don't forget: beauty comes from within! 

  1. 1. Bold Lips

    Bold lips are a mainstay every season, but for this fall, the look has definetely turned up! With unconventional colors and finishes, the lip colours are asking for you to be bold and use shades like orange or hot pink. But if that's too much for you, a classic fierce red works just as well — we have to say, it is timeless and universally flattering on all complexions.

  2. 2. Color-blocking Eyeshadow

    Up your eyeshadow game by combining a lot of opposing shades in the same one eye look for some cool color-blocking. 

    To pull it off, try first with complementary colors and then apply on your eyelid. If you're feeling brave, neon shadows are a go to favorite for this season, but this vibrant look works with all sorts of color combos — even the more neutral ones.

  3. 3. Dark-Smokey Eye

    And, we could not finish this article without talking about some of the Euphoria stars. Barbie Ferreira and Alexa Demie, fo example, are also bringing back one of the 90's favorite look. Besides the whole smokey eye, a new trend these days is to apply a black eyeliner on your top and bottom lash line. What an incredible result, huh? 

  4. 4. Maximalist Nails

    In this 2020 fall more is more when it comes to your! Go all out with your claws like Cardi B  or Billie Eilish and complete with jewels or quirky nail art. 

    If you're just easing into the idea of loud nails, you could even pull off this trend with a glitter nail polish in a bright color. How's that sound? 


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