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Get To Know 10 Female Artists You Should Follow On Instagram

Artistic expression is one of the most important ways of human survival. Connecting with feelings, everyday life, politics and social issues, art is essential to our lives. It's also important to admire and give voice to women's artistic work. For that reason, we separated a list of 10 female artists you should know and follow on Instagram!

Luna Buschinelli 

Luna Buschinelli is a Brazilian artist who works on murals, drawings, illustrations and oil paintings. Making arts that bring the complexity of the mind, feelings and personal expressions, the artist has murals and works in different cities around the globe and also the mark of the largest mural in the world made by a woman, with her work called "Contos" in Rio de Janeiro.

Helô D'Angelo 

Cartoonist and illustrator, Helô D'Angelo brings in her work important themes of daily life, social issues, feelings and especially feminism. The artist has published some comic stories such as "Isolamento", "Dora and Gata" and she is also a cartoonist on the "Brasil de Fato" website.

Grazie Gra

Grazie is a graffiti artist who works bringing different topics about the human experience, especially the feminine. Emphasizing the strength of women and human feelings, the artist fights for the female voice in different artistic environments.

Pri Barbosa

Illustrator, visual and graffiti artist, the latin american Pri Barbosa brings in her work different themes such as feelings, the human body, self-knowledge and mostly feminism.

Flavia Borges

Flavia Borges is an illustrator and comic artist who addresses topics such as feelings, sexuality, social issues, feminism and freedom in her art. Many of these themes can be seen in her comics "Maré Alta".

Lela Brandão

Lela Brandão is a blogger, influencer, youtuber and Brazilian artist. Addressing themes like feminism, positivity and self-discovery in her art, the artist diversifies her work in illustrations and murals.

Mariana Luz

Visual artist and producer of internet content, Mariana Luz brings in her work themes such as lifestyle, self-knowledge, positivity, feminism and self-love.

Flavia Sayuri 

Streamer, youtuber and artist Flavia Sayuri has excelled in the digital field with different areas. With digital and paper drawings, the Brazilian and English artist illustrates different characters in her works. She also posts singing covers on her YouTube channel.

Mari Azzi

Mariana Azzi is 24 years old and is an illustrator and conceptual artist from São Paulo. The artist portrays different creatures, animals and characters in her illustrations and strips. 


Giulia Yoshimura is a graffiti artist and botanical illustrator. Working in illustrations, paintings and murals, the artist brings in her style the details and beauties of nature. 


The article above was edited by Beatriz Cristina.

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