Game Ace: Meet Renan Nievola

Name: Renan Carvalho Nievola

Age: 19

Year in school: 1st

Major: Journalism

Hometown: São Paulo

Sign: Sagittarius

Status: Single

Interests: playing soccer, videogames, going to the beach, parties, travelling, Japanese food

Why have you chosen Cásper rather than any other school?I chose Cásper, because it is a school that gives you the opportunity to be in contact with the job market and the journalism practice faster than the others. And also because it has a lot of beautiful girls (laughs).

How is the feeling of being on the volleyball team?  Actually, I’m kind of bad (laughs), I don’t know the right positioning in court. When I was younger, I played in Sesi, but recently, I’ve only played at school, position 6x0, so it is a new thing for me.

What is your dream job?There are a lot of jobs I would like to be in, but I would like to be part of a journalism related to sports and, preferably, on TV, as a reporter, commentator or presenter.

Do you have any hidden talent?I’m a good soccer player. I don’t train at Cásper because the training is between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. For me it is complicated, but I really like it, I even prefer soccer than volleyball.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?Definitely, Temaki with salmon, cream cheese and chive (laughs). I don’t know if I would survive this way, but that’s another story (laughs)…