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4 Movies Starring Robert Pattinson You Need To Watch (Besides “Twilight” And “The Batman”)

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Robert Pattinson, one of our favorite vampires of all time, is now a crime-fighting bat in Gotham, but these are not the only lead roles our beloved Edward Cullen has got down his sleeve.

Edward Cullen and Bruce Wayne. A rich “vegetarian” vampire and a bat-dressed billionaire superhero. The “Twilight” Saga and the new “Batman” movie. But what do these characters have in common? They are both played by the one and only Robert Pattinson.

Besides “Twilight” and Batman, the British actor starred in many amazing movies. So, to honor this amazing artist and his incredible performances, here are four movies starring Robert Pattinson you cannot miss!

“REMEMBER ME” (2010)

“Remember Me” tells the story of Tyler Roth (Robert Pattinson), a young man who has a difficult relationship with his dad, Charles (Pierce Brosnan), since a tragedy happened in their family. One day, Tyler goes out to a club with his roommate Aiden (Tate Wellington) and ends up in a bar fight. That’s when Neil Craig (Chris Cooper), a traumatized police officer whose wife was assassinated, is called into the scene. What Tyler didn’t know is that Neil’s daughter, Ally (Emilie de Ravin), goes to school with him. Then, Pattinson‘s character swears to romantically win her over as his revenge. However, he ends up falling for her.

Pattinson does the “rebellious kid” role incredibly well and develops the character simply and fluidly, showing that the hard times can be overcome, as long as you don’t lose track of the small joys of life.

The beauty of this movie lies in the details, in the fact that it speaks intimately to the viewer’s fears, hopes, and traumas. It’s a movie about a love that is born out of the blue, with bad intentions involved, but that ends up being the best thing that has ever happened to both characters, in a period of their lives that hasn’t been easy on them.

It’s about finding happiness in the little things, like eating dessert before dinner, because, let’s face it, that’s the reason why we actually came to the restaurant.

“THE DEVIL all the time” (2020)

The Netflix movie “The Devil All The Time” is an adaptation of Donald Ray Pollock’s book of the same name and is set between World War II and the Vietnam War. The story follows various characters who live in Ohio’s countryside. Between them, Willard Russel (Bill Skarsgård) is a tormented war veteran who loses his beloved wife to cancer, even with all the prayers and religious sacrifices to save her. His sorrow ends up leaving his son, Arvin (Tom Holland), orphaned.

Arvin is a nice kid who is forced into violent behaviors when brutality is all he sees in the world around him. When the new religious leader, Preston Teagardin (Robert Pattinson), arrives in town, Arvin questions if the pastor’s faith is real or a farce.

Pattinson’s acting is a masterpiece. His character is the personification of the lack of morals the movie’s Christianity represents. It’s a complex and dramatic character that manipulates and misguides other characters and the audience at all times. Is he really enlightened? Does God really speak to him? Does he want good for these people? Or is he just a man who uses people’s faith to achieve his own sinful desires?


This story is told by the ninety-year-old Jacob Jankowski (Hal Holbrook) who misses his youth in the 30s, a harsh period for the US economy. Hard times, but also, the best of his life. That was when Jacob (Robert Pattinson), as a young former vet student, starts working at the circus. There, he experiences the brutality of men with the animals and each other, besides finding love in Reese Whiterspoons’ character Marlena, a horse enchantress, and wife of the circus owner, August (Christopher Waltz).

Robert’s character is a compassionate young man who can’t stand injustice and is brave enough to fight for those he loves. Pattinson gives innocence and youth to a loving hard-working character with strong values and does it beautifully, stirring the viewer’s emotions at all times.


Two sailors work at a lighthouse on an isolated island. In this scenario, Ephraim Winslow (Robert Pattinson) and his boss Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe) are forced to face isolation, boredom, and a hierarchic dispute, while doing their day-to-day tasks.

This location, then, starts to change the characters, who, in their own ways, begin to show the worst human behaviors, with a lot of violence and madness.

The movie is a real mind game, which challenges the viewers to dig deeper and truly try to understand the human mentality at its worst times when crazy becomes the way to cope with a harsh environment.

The dullness and slow rhythm of the movie portrays the daily life of the main characters, and Pattinson’s Oscar-worthy performance shows a young man torn between his own craziness and his boss’ secrets.


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