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Find out if Ruby Rose’s Melu line is worth it

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

After going viral on TikTok and Instagram for its iconic and affordably priced products, Ruby Rose’s Melu line has become a must-have in every Gen Z makeup bag. Melu entered the cosmetic scene as a label that focuses specifically on young adults, boasting vibrant colors, glitters, natural makeup, and skincare for younger skin. With the idea of creating adorable daily makeup essentials, the line distinguishes itself from others in the Brazilian market, especially for its colorful and unique packaging.

We selected five of the most viral and interesting products from the Ruby Rose’s Melu line, and I’ll be reviewing them to help you determine whether they’re worth the investment. From mascaras to brushes, all these products were tested. However, it’s crucial to note that each of these products may have varied results in different skins. Here’s the list:

Máscara Para Cílios Peel Off

Melu’s mascara line offers three different products, each featuring a different brush design. What marks them is their “peel off” formula, which makes them waterproof and won’t give you that “panda eyes”. The mascara is perfect, the brushes deliver really cute and natural volume to the lashes and last all day long. As a “peel-off” product it is really easy to remove with micellar water. Priced at R$ 23,20 on Ruby Rose’s website, it is affordable and has great quality. Definitely, a product that I keep in my makeup bag.


One of the most viral Melu’s products, the Eyebrow Gel, brought mixed reactions among the users.  While some people love it, some don’t like it that much. Released with the promise of creating a stable and perfect eyebrow that will last all day, this wax-based gel is activated with water and applied using a brush. The product delivers a stronghold, which may be overwhelming for those inclined towards a more natural look—myself included. For those seeking sculpted and fixed brows, this product is a great alternative. Priced at only R$ 13,00 on Ruby Rose’s website, it is an investment that everyone should make to test and see if the product is worth it.

Jelly Balm

The Jelly Balm has recently gained viral attention as a ‘dupe’ for the Milk Jelly Tint. Presented in a lipstick format, this product works as a lip tint and a jelly-like balm, offering versatility in a single package. With a range of six colors, varying between orange, pink, and red/purple, the standout shade is called ‘strawberry,’ a light red tone. This shade is the closest to the Milk viral color, but it was released quite a while before it. The product presents an interesting texture, and being a tint, it fixes the skin for a longer period. The ‘strawberry’ delivers a natural and charming flush. Priced between R$ 12 and R$ 17, depending on the commerce, it’s a worthwhile addition to your makeup bag. Its multifunctional nature makes it a convenient choice for on-the-go touch-ups, serving as a blush, balm, lipstick, and even a potential eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow and highlighter 2×1

The eyeshadow and highlighter is a 2×1 product designed to deliver a lot of shine and glitter in a single package. For parties, festivals or even your daily makeup, this product serves an addiction of sparkling on your makeup. Featuring a unique wet texture, it has incredible durability and it’s available in 3 color variations – light gold, light silver, and purple. It’s a great product for the ones that really like glitter and shine, and for you to keep on your makeup items for special occasions. Personally, I prefer to wear it as an eyeshadow. It costs R$ 21,00 on Ruby Rose’s Website.


The Melu brushes have made a significant impact in the cosmetics market, offering a blend of affordability and quality that’s hard to match. Presented in cute pastel colors and featuring really soft bristles, the brushes cost around R$ 11 and R$ 35 – an incredible price for this kind of product, that usually doesn’t cost less than R$ 50. It is a simple brush that performs really well, delivering excellent results in each application. The structure is made out of plastic and they present a regular size. Ruby Rose’s website offers a selection of 12 different brushes, with the complete kit priced at R$ 249,00.

After testing and analyzing a couple of products from Ruby Rose’s Melu Line, I’ve come to the conclusion that the line is, in my opinion, truly worth considering. While it’s natural that only some products will present an outstanding result, I’ve found that the majority of them deliver really good results, particularly when you consider their affordable prices. The packaging is really charming and cute, and the products present incredible durability. This combination makes them well worth trying out, with several products earning a spot in my daily makeup routine.


The article above was edited by Clarissa Palácio.

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