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Feeling witchy? Here are seven movies about witchcraft that you must watch!

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Although it’s not Halloween season yet, here’s a way to warm up its vibes until then: in this list, we’ll remember iconic movies that you should put on your “witchcraft watchlist” to binge-watch! Grab your broom!

Kiki’s delivery service (1989)

Studio Ghibli introduced the public to the story of a younger witch: Kiki, a girl sent by her mother to her training witch journey for a mandatory year. With her flying broom and black cat, she ends up in a new town and eventually comes up with a flying delivery job, leading to her meeting new friends who help her improve her journey.

With cute visuals and strong relationships between the characters, the film is a beautiful take on the coming-of-age and growing-up theme.

Hocus pocus (1993)

This is one of the most classic and nostalgic witchcraft films, set in the early 90’s. The iconic trio of sisters played by actresses Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, and Kathy Najimy return to Salem after 300 years of being put to slumber. Max, the 15-year-old boy responsible for their comeback, teams up with his sister, Dani, his new friend, Allison, and a magical cat to stop the three witches from becoming immortal.

The craft (1996)

This 90’s movie focuses on the story of Sarah, a new student at a Catholic school in Los Angeles who becomes close to three other teenage girls known at school for being witches. The four girls combine their spellcasting skills to punish those they consider worthy of a lesson, leading to a kind of power that eventually escapes their control.

The nostalgic 90’s aesthetic is strongly present in this film, especially through its iconic outfits and soundtrack!

Practical magic (1998)

In this movie, Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman play two very different sisters, born and raised in a family of witches. Despite their differences and personal struggles, the two help each other when they need to resurrect a man killed and buried in their garden so that they can stop him from being the host of an evil spirit that intends to kill their family. All of this while trying not to be suspicious of the new – and a little too interested in one of the sisters – a police officer in town. 

Although being about witchcraft, this film also touches on other very beautiful themes, such as girlhood and family bonds throughout generations. It also has the brilliant – and also witchy – Stevie Nicks on the soundtrack, along with a lot of incredible looks from both of the main characters and a gorgeous big house full of potion ingredients where most of the story takes place.

Twitches (2005)

This 2000 movie also has two witch sisters, but unlike the others, they’re twins! Camryn and Alex were born on a magical land and had to be separated at birth and sent to Earth, where they were adopted by different families. On their 21st birthday, they meet each other and discover they have witch powers that can save the land they come from.

The movie has a second part, released in 2007, following the twin witches on another adventure.

Bewitched (2005)

Nicole Kidman plays another witch, Isabel, in this movie full of references from the classic 1960s show with the same name, Bewitched. Will Ferrel plays her love interest, an actor in a professional crisis – set to star in an upcoming movie version of the classic show – that casts her for the part of the witch Samantha, without knowing the actress is an actual witch.

The love witch (2016)

This satirical comedy-horror story revolves around Elaine Parks, a beautiful witch who wants to be loved, turning to potions and spells to attract men. Her love obsession causes a wave of victims and progresses her insanity. The settings of the movie create a classic and retro feeling, alongside the hair, make-up, and costume department, being often compared by spectators to the same modern-yet-retro vibes of Lana Del Rey.


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