Entrepreneurial Spirit: Meet Three Casperians Who Sell Products At College

We all know private colleges can be really expensive. Sometimes it’s really hard to get scholarships or maybe your parents cannot help you with the tuition. This is a reality that a lot of people are going through right at this moment. If money is the problem, how can we solve it? There are different closures unfortunately. For instance, some people give up and try going to another university, and others try everything they can to afford it. Every story is different, but all of them have the same reason to be heard.

There’re many possibilities, as getting a job while you are attending college as a way of affording your studies (even if it’s not on the area you are studying for) or even selling things you cooked, made or services that can help others in your university.

A lot of people thought about it and did the same. They are students that need a little help with the finances and decided to sell things on their university. From candies to esthetics services, these girls are doing what they can and what they are good at to help paying for their studies.

1. Camila Simões and her designed eyebrows

Image Source: Pexels

Camila is a Journalism student and is on her last year. She started designing eyebrows as a way of getting money when she was fifteen during high school. She got into college and didn't stop. She said during an interview that doing this activity is actually her salary as an intern, since her official internship pays for her college and she doesn't get paid at all. So by designing eyebrows, she can afford everything else that she needs. Her only clients are casperians at Cásper Líbero or the ones who live close, since she uses a college Facebook group as a way of spreading her second job.

2. Leticia Tiossi and her candies

Image Source: Pixabay

Letícia is a Journalism freshman and she sells candies like truffles, Italian fudge and brownies. Her mother cooks professionally, so to help her out with the finances, she sells them to her friends at college. To divulge her products, Leticia uses WhatsApp and, for now, is only selling at college. When asked why she decided to do this, Tiossi said that is to help her parents, owing to it’s really hard to afford the tuition. She feels the need to help them, because they are working like a dog as for her has the chance to follow her dream in this profession.

3. Kelly Karoline and her foodies

Image Source: Pixabay

Kelly is a twenty-three-year-old girl and is on her last year of Public Relations. What motivated her to start selling candies was the fact that she’s into cooking, especially candy, besides doing it also for fun. At that time, Kelly didn’t need it, but kept doing it. Later on, she switched jobs and ended up needing that money. She told that on her freshman year, she was really scared of being punished at college for selling things there.

The Brazilian colleges don’t support this kind of action, however, she confesses that it is worth the risk since the students support and buy it, especially if what you are selling is candy, what makes it quite irresistible.

A lot of people are choosing to do different things to help with the finances. Selling handmade things at college is an amazing alternative to earn money. This way you can be your own boss and make your own schedule. You can always combine a job in your area with an extra job, as a way of getting extra cash. If you are having problems with money, why don’t start now? It doesn’t matter what you are going to do, if you are good at it and have the time, take a chance.