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#EcoFriendly: 5 Ways To Decorate Your House With Reused Items

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Decorating is a lot of fun. It gives the space a new look and makes it feel like home. You can decorate and redecorate as much as you like, changing the colors, the styles, the objects, everything. It is also a great idea to change every season, making it perfect to enjoy the weather and all different times of the year.

But, like in everything we do, it is important to keep in mind the environment and if what you are doing inside of your house is hurting the outside. Thinking about that, why not use reused items we all have in our houses right now to decorate? You can also save some money while being sustainable. It’s perfect! Here are some ideas for you to start now, check it out:

Reused glass jars

I am pretty sure you have a bunch of these at your house right now, especially because a lot of the food we buy came in glass jars. It is simple, but you can do so much. Plant pots, pencil holders, recipients to hold your seasonings and also your makeup brushes. You can use it in all rooms at your house.

Wood pallets

It is possible to use old pallets to do a lot of different projects. You can build a bed, a table, a chair and even do a little garden space to decorate your house. Also, pallets are really cheap and you can find them anywhere.

Old kitchen utensils

These can give your house a vintage vibe, especially if you use them in rooms other than the kitchen. It is simple and you don’t even need to diy it, just use it as something else. For example: old funnels as candle holders, old teapots as plant pots and an old grater as a towel holder… You choose!

Old lamps

For this, you will have to diy. All you need to do is take off the inside of the old lamp (don’t forget to be careful here), add some fake flowers and hang it with some yarn. It is an amazing and different idea to decorate your house and give it a sustainable look.


The same case as the glass jars, a lot of the food we buy came in cans. And you can use them literally anywhere. You can also decorate them to make it even better. Mixing different shapes and sizes is a great tip.

Sustainable is an amazing look to give to your house by adding some of these projects. You give it a nice touch while also thinking and saving the environment. So, why not to try it?


The article above was edited by Helena Cardoso

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