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This Dua Lipa’s Style Guide Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

Everyone has listened, at least once, to the songs “Be The One” or “New Rules”, by Dua Lipa. The 22-year-old pop singer started her career in YouTube, uploading covers to songs by of different artists. In 2015, she was part of Warner Music Group and two years later, she released her self-titled album. However, not only her beautiful voice and strong attitudes caught attention from all over the world, but also her style. 

Dua Lipa has been the model for Patricia Pepe clothes collection, which includes mini-skirts, transparency, glamour and many items in black. In addition, at the beginning of this year, she was one of the stars in the cast for “Original is Never Finished”, a fashion film from Adidas Originals. Those works truly define her feminine, comfortable and sporty style. Check out more of her fashion rules below!

Dua Lipa’s Style

#1 The queen of sweatpants

Image Source: Instagram/dualipa

Dua is always wearing a good pair of sweatpants, which gives the outfit a sporty vibe. She picks pairs with different colours or textures, mostly from Adidas. The tip is to balance the outfit by choosing a top that is more fitted, like a bodysuit or a cropped top.

#2 Huge and fitted coats and tuxedos

Image Source: Instagram/dualipa

In formal or important events, is common to see Dua Lipa rocking beautiful coats or tuxedos. To be more feminine and modern, she usually pares them with cropped tops or even bralettes. 

#3 Good and old friends: graphic Tees

Image Source: Instagram/dualipa

Don’t have enough money to buy expensive coats and tops? Give your old t-shirts some love by pairing them with high-waisted denim trousers or black leggings. The bigger and comfortable, the better! You can also steal that vintage Harley-Davidson t-shirt from your dad or thrift different ones. Finish the outfit with a bold-coloured sweatshirt and a mix of necklaces.

#4 Be adventurous and rock your bras

Image Source: Instagram/dualipa

You can easily find pictures of Dua rocking beautiful underwear in public and her concerts. Bralettes are the new cropped tops! They can add sensuality and some colour to any outfit. However, if showing a lot of skin is not for you, try wearing mesh or transparent tops over them.

#5 Be bold sometimes

Image Source: Instagram/dualipa

The pop singer always wears basic colors – especially black. But you can also find Dua wearing bold colours in night outs and even red carpets. Try wearing a simple yellow shirt with cute and elegant flowy trousers and a sweatshirt with graphic designs. If you prefer a minimal outfit, pick items from the same colour. In this case, choose different textures and fabrics for an extra sophistication. 

#6 Genesis – or how everything starts with the basics

Image Source: Instagram/dualipa

When you’re not actually in the mood for thinking about your outfit, Dua Lipa shows how easy and stylish is to wear the basics. Jeans, white t-shirts and sweaters are the best friends of every girl. When the artist is wearing a simple outfit, she adds a little bit of fun: the faux-furr with the jacket and the Hello Kitty’s sweater.

#7 Hotter than hell in black

Image Source: Instagram/dualipa

Dua empowers us to feel beautiful in a comfortable all black outfit. Pair a black leather mini-skirt with a basic sporty t-shirt and add a pop of colour in your cute trainers. Or simply mix your black trousers from work with a cute cropped top and an Adidas sweatshirt and trainers.

#8 Lost in the light of her makeup

Image Source: Instagram/dualipa

On a daily-basis, Dua wears really minimal makeup: barely naked eyelids, a luminous skin and some glossy and nude lips. The trick is to have natural and bold eyebrows, filling them with a pencil and giving them a little bit of shape by brushing them with a gel. For the glow, choose a luminous-finish foundation, a highlighter and a clear gloss.

Image Source: Instagram/dualipa

The artist also plays with colors with her makeup. The blue eyeshadow in the hole lid is inspired in the 80s and works really well with a very minimal foundation and lips, making her eyes pop. If you want something less dramatic, try adding some colored eyeshadow in the water line and below the eyes (an eye pencil works really well too).

#9 New love: vintage looking eyeglasses

Image Source: Instagram/dualipa

Cute small glasses from the 60s are the new obsessions of Dua. Their pointy shape gives a fun edge to every outfit. Choosing bright or pastel colours can add a touch of modernity to a basic and black look.

#10  Invest in nice jewelry and accessories

Image Source: Instagram/dualipa

Apart from trainers and nice jackets, Dua Lipa also reaches for other accessories to tighten the look together. You can almost always see her wearing a bunch of different necklaces, with a variety of sizes, mostly in gold. In her head, she recently has been wearing a lot of berets. They are a good option in bad hair days. And lastly, when she isn’t rocking trainers, she is wearing edgy and platform boots (all black or with cool designs).

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