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Drama Club Performance Backstage

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

During last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, (November 25th, 26th and 27th) the Casperian drama club, Grapetes, performed their annual play at Maria Della Costa Theather. After months of rehearsals and hard work, the Communications students finally provided for their families, friends and guests an amazing Greek themed experience, among the forest scenery and mythical characters.

On the whole, the process of “doing theather” is a pleasant and rich task and all group members claim that one of the best parts of the entire year of acquaintanceship is to see how beautiful friendships are born, the patnerships that are stablished and the memories that are made on Saturdays and Sundays filled with rehearsals.

Julia Zayas, freshmen in Journalism, registered through her camera lens the backstage preparation for one day of performance on stage (first time for the most part of the group!).

Isabela Fernandes, Gabriel Calvino and Marina Ruiz cheering while getting ready for performance

Bruna Martins and Gabriel Angelo, well, striking a pose

Ana Maria Barros, Pâmella Esteves, Júlia Bicaletto and Isabela Fernandes dressing up for performance

Marcela Schiavon and Aline Tavares already on stage warmimg up

Camila Coelho and Gabriel Nascimento concentraded on their self-makeup

Bárbara Muniz, Gabriel Nascimento and Camila Coelho at dressing room right beneath the stage

Gabriel Angelo dressing up for the character

Luiz Hirshmann and Caio Simidzu doing voice exercises

Isabella Senise and Fabio Blakney rehearsing the musical part while Ana Maria Barros and Aline Tavares settle the costume details

Cast ready for night’s performance, listening director’s advices and orientations

“Píramo and Tisbe” happened under Mara Faustino’s direction and Fernanda Gonçalves’ directing assistance.

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Bárbara Muniz

Casper Libero

Bárbara Muniz is a Journalism student and Theather lover. Half journalist, half artist, totally feminist. Hufflepuff placed, sagittarian and vegetarian. Cásper Líbero University's Charpter co-correspondent and editor-in-chief. Intern in a Brazilian broadcast channel called BandNews TV, where she works among production for newscast and social media.