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DIY Room Decor: How to Express Yourself Without Spending Too Much

Sometimes all we need is some change. As we grow older, we can’t have more of the same – we want to change our hair, our clothes, everything around us. Thinking about that, we selected some cool DIY (Do It Yourself) projects for you to redecorate the most significant place of the house: your room.

There are hundreds of cool ways to redecorate your room without spending much; here we have just a few tips for you to get inspired! You can use one of our examples or even create one yourself. Have you ever thought about that? Our room is the most personal place, is where we can be ourselves. Redecorate it to look a little more like ourselves is one of the most satisfying things: is like really going home.


The best way to start your redecoration is by the walls. After painting as you like, you can add some cool stuff on it to help you organize yourself or just for fun.

Our first example is this wood boxshelf

By Industry Standard Design



You can do the same thing using cardboard boxes (and of course, adequate materials to work with it). Or even cardboard tubes, as from the toilet paper, for example.

By Joia de Casa



You can get that same wood box we first mentioned to use as a bookshelf, as this image shows.

By Spirossoulis

What about clipboards as posters support?

  By Craft-o-maniac.com

Now, thinking about posters, there are several ways to decorate your room with those.

If you don’t want to spend money with fancy frames, you can do it yourself out of pasteboard (or another hard paper).

By Pumpkin

Here are some cool ways for you to use your posters (or pictures).

By Classy Clutter

Talking about pictures, what about this super cool way of using them?

By Mania de Decoração

What about combining wood shapes with pictures?

By Musely

Or a frame, some string and something to hold the pictures? (As a paperclip, or something like the picture below).

By Catraca LIvre

You can also find a way to tie the wire on the wall and use the same idea, but bigger.

By Catraca Livre

Another thing you can do to decorate your room is to use fake flowers, some cardboard and glue…

By Catraca Livre

Or maybe some string instead of the flowers.

By The Whoot


Another cool way to make your room a whole new place is to play with illumination. Here are some easy tips for you to do it.


There’s the glow in the dark pots (make sure to use gloves!)

By Casandinho

Or this amazing and simple lamp!

By Você Precisa de Cor

Another use for this kind of lighting is this cute cactus lamp. All you need is cardboard, ping pong balls and christmas lights.

By Você Precisa de Cor

You can have other shapes too! What about a pineapple?

By AliExpress

(These are not made out of cardboard, but  you can use it just as an inspiration)

Remember the fake flowers? How about mixing them with christmas lights?

By Yes Loucas

Here’s another picture to help you out.

By Idea Stand

Or you can create your own lighting flowers…

By Macetes de Mãe

You can use the christmas lights instead of  the wire to attach your photos.

By Yes Loucas

Recreating your bedside lamp is also a great idea.

By Blessings

You can even use a wine glass and a candle to do it!


By Revista Artesanato

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