Disney Easter Eggs: 5 Hidden Secrets That You Never Noticed In Animations

Listen, Disney animators are very, very sneaky. They enjoy leaving little secret jokes everywhere! Some are really hard to notice, like Pinocchio’s cameo in “Tangled”; others not so much, like Rapunzel’s brief appearance in “Frozen”. And some easter eggs aren’t even restricted to the movies, like the hidden Mickeys everywhere at Magic Kingdom. This is probably making you wonder: Is everything connected? Are these just jokes?! DISNEY, TELL US ALL YOUR SECRETS!

The point is: Disney is an expert when it comes to easter eggs, and their decades of experience really appear in movies like “Wreck-It Ralph”, which is a huge parade of cameos and auto-references. So, because easter eggs are a very important part of the whole Disney experience, here’s a list of the coolest ones. Check it out!

  1. 1. Elsa and Anna in “Zootopia”

    Aside from referencing “The Godfather” in the greatest way possible, this is probably the cutest easter egg ever: two baby elephants dressed like the sisters from “Frozen”! You can see them when Judy Hops rides the train through Zootopia. Ok, this might have been just the animators having some fun, but remember, Shakira exists in this story in gazelle form. So, a much more interesting out-take is that an animal version of “Frozen” definitely exists in Zootopia’s universe. Now, imagine your favorite movie reenacted by animals. And, before you think it’s impossible, I raise you this: “The Lion King” is “Hamlet” with lions! Anything is possible...

  2. 2. Scar in “Hercules”

    People seem baffled that they never noticed this and, honestly? Same. This might be a bit morbid, but in a scene of 1997’s “Hercules”, as the greek hero gets a taste of stardom, we can see him wearing Scar’s pelt as a headpiece/cape while he poses to be painted on a vase. It’s unmistakable, from the color of the lion’s mane to the scar in its eye. This easter egg has actually sprouted a theory that both movies happen at the same time. And, although we don’t really know how Hercules came to be in possession of Scar’s pelt, there isn’t a more fitting ending for the villain.

  3. 3. Sully in “Brave”

    There are entire theories built around this easter egg. Fans have long speculated that every Pixar movie is connected and "Brave" is one of these intersection points. Well, when Merida enter the witch’s cabin in the movie, we can see a carving of Sully amongst the old lady’s many pieces of woodwork. Basically, the story is that Boo, the little girl from “Monsters Inc.”, never forgot about her friend Sully and spends her whole life travelling through time and space trying to find him. This theory gets kinda sad, because, allegedly, the witch is Boo, who’s still trying, after all these years, to meet Sully again.

  4. 4. Jack Skellington in “The Princess and the Frog”

    Doctor Facilier isn’t joking when he says he has friends on the other side. One of the shadow demons he sends to capture prince Naveen looks very similar to the Pumpkin King himself. That makes us wonder: are Facilier’s friends actually from Halloween Town? That would make sense, since in the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, Jack Skellington is able to travel to different realms, including Earth, so summoning his spirit to do something isn’t that far fetched.

  5. 5. Nemo in “Brother Bear”

    Okay, this is a hard one to spot, you’d need to pause the movie to see it. We might be completely delirious and this easter egg actually means nothing. But it comes as no surprise that Nemo is once again lost since it’s pretty well established that he has a habit of wandering off from his dad when he’s not supposed to. Regardless of whether it’s canon or not, our thoughts and prayers are with Marlin, who needs to go through the stress of finding his son again.




The article above was edited by Helena Cardoso. 

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