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Colorimetry In Fashion: How To Know Which Colors Are Made for You?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Colorimetry became most famous in the new world

in today’s world, a lot is said about your own colors, one of humanity’s new favorite studies. This famous subject that develops your color palette is called colorimetry, a science that is being used a lot. We often hear the term “This color suits you”, and that is exactly what colorimetry is looking for: this answer. 

Discovering your color palette is much simpler than it seems, and using this study to your advantage, enhance your looks and organize your wardrobe it can become something easier and faster.

Currently, with the growth of the discussion, one of the ways to find out your own palette is to hire a professional specialized in colorimetry. This specialist will do all the tests and show you what would be best for you to use and what you should not use at all.

But there are ways to do these tests for free, for those who didn’t want to spend on it or don’t have the possibility. One of the ways to understand which shades would be best for you and your wardrobe is to know some information about your skin temperature, which changes from person to person.

Skin temperature 

At first, you need to understand your skin temperature, which is divided into cool, warm and neutral. Cold is a winter palette, with the use of stronger colors, such as red, black, dark blue and more solid tounes.

The warm tone is a palette that revolves around summer and autumn, bringing colors and shades of green.

Finally, the neutral color treats a palette with the mixture of the seasons, with tones between greenish and bluish.

Apps and sites

In addition to your skin temperature, another thing you can look for that can make your life easier is the use of apps and websites. They analyze the colors that best match your colorimetry from a photo you send. For cell phones, the My Best Colors app is one of the nominees, and for websites, Colorwise.me also has positive reviews.

Testing at Home

In the latter case, there is a way for you to find out in your own home. There are two options: buy fabrics of various colors or colorful pieces of clothing. The idea in this case is to position yourself in front of your cell phone and bring the tissues closer to your face, so you can see which color highlights your features most positively. The tip is that it is in a well lit place and a white background, this works better.

Applying colorimetry in your life is easy, it’s a test that helps you better organize your wardrobe, hair color and other choices in your life. Simple, fast and that gives a pleasant solution for those who care about what they wear.


The article above was edited by Larissa Mariano.

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