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Colorful tights: Ways to use this fun trend during the winter 

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

With the end of autumn and the arrival of winter, we can’t help but think about warm clothes that we must take out of our closet and the various combinations we can make to stay warm and stylish at the same time.  

This winter season we’ve seen the return of colorful tights on the catwalks. A versatile piece that fits into different looks, allowing us to play a lot with colors and combinations. So, for those of you who want to combine comfort with stylish I’m here to tell you which colors are trending and the type of combinations you can make! 

First, before we start, it’s important to understand the past of this long-awaited piece of the season and what its historical trajectory was like until it got to what we know and love today. 

From Man to Woman:  

Although we see tights in several catwalks and in most women’s closets, this piece began to be worn by soldiers more than two thousand years ago, in Mesopotamia. Its structure was made of wool and cotton, mainly used by men to ward off the cold. Combining the useful and pleasant, the tights had a sewing on the back that helped the soldiers mount. However, after a while, it stopped being used by combatants and nobility took possession of the piece, and just like that they became luxurious and well-crafted. 

In 1589, tights gained much prominence thanks to Queen Elizabeth. In 1780 the piece became thinner and more delicate, almost the same as the model we have today. Over time it became a feminine object, but there was still a huge difference between the pieces. The lighter tones and fine fabrics were worn by more reserved women, while the black and embroidered ones were worn by women in concert halls, turning them into a huge sexual symbol.  

Women’s American idol 

In 1935, the American chemist Wallace Carothers helped revolutionize women’s fashion around the world with the arrival of new tights made with a new material, which was more resistant and softer. In 1939, at the New York World’s Fair, Dupon Vice President, Charles Stine showed off the new nylon tights to a group of women. 

The first day of sales took place on May 15th, 1940, in the United States. After four days, around 5 million pairs were sold, making that day go down in history as “N-Day”.  

But since happiness was short-lived, with the start of World War II, the nylon was 

declared for exclusive use by the United States government for the manufacture of materials for war, as it was very resistant, causing the production of tights to stop.  

As a result, tights became rare and some pairs were sold on the black market for US$20, which previously cost US$1. And for women who wanted save money, they painted stripes on the back of their legs to look like back seams.  

Three years after the end of the war, nylon production returned to normal, and the tights were back on the market. In 1951 they were manufactured with an anatomical design, adapting to the shape of the foot so as not to cause wrinkles. And then, in 1952, seamless tights arrived, and their use was already completely linked to the female figure.  

In the early 1960s, lycra was discovered, a material that revolutionized the industry, with nylon tights were no longer essential, and their sales were decreasing. The following year, tights began to be manufactured in more vibrant colors and prints. 

Back to the reign 

Several old trends returned to the catwalks, low waist, wide leg, capri pants and ballet shoes had their reign back, but now it’s the tights turn, returning with vibrant but specific colors on the catwalks. Now, come check out the most used colors and the best ways to use them.  

Red emotion  

Basic white is always the best choice, simple and stylish, however, to take your look out of the ordinary, red tights, one of the most acclaimed colors, is the best choice to highlight your off-white outfit and at the same time bring it to life.  

Who knows, knows! In addition to neutrals, Leandra Cohen, a subject matter expert, showed us that we can opt for prints, which came with everything in these latest 2024 collections. Floral, polka dots and even leopard prints, are the perfect combination to create with colored tights, especially red. 

Yellow like the sun 

As Taylor Swift once said, the black dress “never goes out of style”, and it’s even more popular with tights. Essential to have in our closet, it is always a great option to wear on cold days, but we don’t always want the basics, so yellow is the perfect combination with this neutral color and is also great for taking away the gray vibe of the winter and bringing a little more color.  

Smurf color  

If Miu Miu said it, it’s said! At the 2024 winter collection fashion show, the brand showed that using blue tights you can play with colors and tones you feel comfortable in without being afraid to be happy.  

Green as Grinch  

Purple and green have always made a great duo, and there’s nothing better than combining both in a single look. Green tights are one of the trends of this winter season, and the best way to wear them is to combine the two colors that stand out.  

Pink as Barbie Dream House 

Now, if you want all eyes on your tights, go for a pink with neutral color outfit, like gray. Pleated skirts with oversized blazers became very present at Winter FSW. 


This article above was edited by Gabriela Travizzanutto.

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