Chronicle: Give Me a Time!

Walking by the streets, avenues and alleys of this city, I have faced so many things going on. Everybody blames me. So, I decided to explain my side of the story. I don't sleep and neither nap, I don' t accelerate and neither break. I pass, but many people don't even notice that. I happen every single instant without needing concession. I am your partner, although, sometimes you see me as an enemy; I am invisible, but you are aware about my presence; I don't ask for permission, because I am not controlled by anyone or anything; I exist since the world came up and I will exist until it finishes. I belong to everyone's life, without preconception or favoritism. I am the villain of your happy moments and the good one on your sad periods. I am infinite, but in your life, finite, despite you don't know my expiration date. Do you have any idea about who am I? I am Time.



I am part of the worker's life, who wants to explode me when the morning alarm rings – or always insults me for being late. I am the São Paulo's life. I am the reason for your hurry and stress. I have to warn you: I am a trap. To program me is your challenge; therefore don't say you don't have "time": I have offered "it" to you, every day, 24 hours; you have to conciliate me to own me as you wish. I am not stupid, just realist. I know you need to work hard to have a decent life with all your basic rights. I said work, not enslave yourself. Wherefore I also know you need family and friends to be, completely, happy and realized. Have fun is not a waste of time. Put it into your head.

It is necessary experience to live, and do you know who is the only one capable of allowing that? You. If you don't act, I will slip away. At this moment, you will feel like I am running and, more and more you will see yourself without me, dedicating yourself to work on a vicious and sickly cycle. It is essential to live from the idleness, practicing some activity that gives you pleasure. Let's go and learn how to play the guitar, how to speak that language you have curiosity or how to play the sport you are in love with. Let's go and see a concert of your favorite band, arrange an old friends' reunion or a family lunch on Sunday. Allow yourself to do things for the first time. Allow yourself to something with an amazing feeling of going out of your comfort zone. Allow yourself to be you, to be human.


That's it. I just wanted to give you this advice. I will continue to follow my way, as I always did. And you should find yours; your time. Divide it, multiply it, even illusively. I can be your friend. I want to be your friend, but I need you to also have this desire. This capital can't be based on capital. What is more important than your own life? Nothing. And money can't buy me, so use me with wisdom. "And what about my cellphone dream? Or that amazing sporting car? These things make me happy and only can be purchased with the remuneration of my daily 12 hours work". If you think that and judge this items more important than moments with your family and friends, I can only feel sorry for you. And I just ask you one thing… Ah, give me a time!



Written by Yulia Serra, sophomore in Journalism

Edition by Bárbara Muniz, junior in Journalism