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Since the beginning, Cher is seen as a fashion icon. She has always been a woman who inspires all the industry, include the fashion one. At 1975, many of her looks – from those used in his youth and even some used today – are seen as inspirations and references. Elements of her look, such as the trend of long eyelashes and retro corsets, are used as inspiration for big names in the fashion world, invading even the catwalks and red carpets.

Speaking of red carpets, we know that’s the place where great inspirations come to life and it’s mostly where you’ll get all the outfits inspired by the pop diva. Here you can see great names who wore Cher-inspired looks and compositions:

Emily Ratajkowski

At the 2019’s Met Gala, the model Emily Ratajkowski brought Cher as total inspiration in her look. The singer has always been remembered for the use of bold accessories and visually flashy compositions. The look adopted as the main inspiration for Emily was the same shiny silver dress, full of transparencies and cutouts, worn by Cher on several occasions during her youth. It was one of her characteristic features.

Cher has also always been remembered for her eye-catching accessories, such as those put on her ears like earrings. Emily also decorated, in silver, an accessory similar to the ones Cher wore.


In addition to brightness and extravagance, Cher is marked by the presence of colors in her looks. Always based on bright tones, when it escapes the traditional black. Zendaya, an American actress, took this for inspiration and used a dress in the Oscar 2021 red carpet. The yellow dress was inspired in a look that Cher used in 1970, according to Vogue. The dress followed the same precepts of the cuts used by Cher, in addition to the color. With a smooth fabric, it was a great contrast in the middle of the red carpet of the award.


Inspired by Cher from the pose, to accessories and looks, the singer Normani stood out in an essay based entirely on one made by Cher in the late 70s. With a costume used on Halloween, Normani adhered to the brilliance and eccentricity that was used by Cher thirty years earlier. The rereading was extremely faithful to the original.

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa wore one of the most famous looks coined by Cher. It is the famous white dress with feathers, well-woven, which has always been a very characteristic brand of the singer, with the use of stones and a lot of transparency.

It wasn’t the first time that Dua Lipa used Cher as an inspiration. In 2021, at the Grammy Awards, Dua caught the attention with a purple dress. Seen as one of the best-dressed at the awards, she was inspired by Cher’s famous straight black hair to her outfits, with a dress worked in sheen and transparent on her tail.

The inspiration came from a famous butterfly accessory, in the same color palette as Dua’s dress, which has been used on several occasions. The dress followed the same theme as the design of the object.

These were just a few examples of the incredible impact that Cher had and still has on the fashion industry. Even in the case of pieces used in 1970, for example, they are still seen as a target for inspiration. The daring and iconic extravagance of the singer tried to revolutionize fashion.


The article above was edited by Rafaela Bertolini.

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