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Cannes, Venice and More: The Importance Of Film Festivals On And Beyond The Award Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

In 1932, the first film festival was held in Venice, Italy. Since then, these events gained more and more popularity, becoming, as we know today, one of the biggest symbols of the film industry

These festivals are held all over the world and they enable both national and international films to be presented – most of them for the first time ever. There are thousands of film festivals around the globe, and not only the most famous and big ones that we all know, like Cannes, Venice and Toronto Film Festival

These big events host from major movie premieres to negotiations that are responsible for making the movies reach the audience. Besides that, the most famous film festivals are important for creating the reputation of a movie, since that is where the favorite productions for the Award Season are exhibited for the first time. Besides those big festivals, small and national ones are also fundamental when it comes to gaining notoriety in the movie industry. 

How does it work? 

According to Daniela Busoli, the CEO and founder of Formata Produções, a Brazilian production company, film festivals are a great influence on the awards season because its repercussions are memorable. “Film festivals are the meeting point of filmmakers, producers and film professionals of the movie industry in general, besides critics, journalists and curators. In this environment full of people who are part of this industry, a movie is watched, discussed and, occasionally, awarded”, she explains.

Some of the best known film festivals have their own awards, and these nominations are a kind of seal of approval. To have the chance of winning an award, the companies and directors should register their movies in a festival and pay a registration fee. To ensure better results, it is important to really know the film festivals of your country and worldwide and analyze where you are submitting your film. 

Daniela also reaffirmed the importance of film festivals for contemplating diverse and independent productions, although she has drawn attention to the fact that not all movies that are a success were first seen in festivals. “Many movies do not compete in festivals or are presented in exhibitions, but prove their importance through advertising and immediate dialogue with their viewer”, says the productor and executive director.

One way or another, one of the most striking advantages of film festivals is that they make sure that movies are watched by the people who make them. This connection is really important mainly because that is how films that aren’t in the spotlight at the moment gain notoriety and prove their relevance. Just as importantly, it’s where directors and producers can see the first reaction of the audience when watching their movies.  

On top of that, film festivals are also amazing events and a great opportunity for those who love cinema and for fans to see their idols. Also, for the cities that host these events, it’s an opportunity to be part of a cultural map and to have tourists around.

Movies that could be seen At the award season

For those who would like to know which films were exhibited in the most famous film festivals around the world, here are some of them to keep an eye on and choose your favorite. Also, a significant amount of these films are being quoted for awards like Oscars and Golden Globes this year. 

Cannes Festival 2022: May 17th to 28th

  • Top Gun: Maverick, Joseph Kosinski
  • Elvis, Baz Luhrmann
  • Crimes of the future, David Cronenberg
  • The stars at noon, Claire Denis
  • Armageddon Time, James Gray

Toronto International Film Festival 2022: September 8th to 18th

  • The Swimmers, Sally El Hosaini 
  • My Policeman, Michael Grandage
  • The Whale, Darren Aronofsky
  • The Woman King, Gina Prince-Bythewood
  • The Fabelmans, Steven Spielberg

Venice Film Festival 2022: August 31st to September 10th

  • White Noise, Noah Baumbach
  • Blonde, Andrew Dominik
  • Tár, Todd Field
  • Don’t worry daling, Olivia Wilde
  • Bones and All, Luca Guadagnino 


The article above was edited by Julia Queiroz.

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