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Cásper Team DMs #5: Nicole Kyriakos

Nicole Kyriakos – DM of the Tennis Team

Age: 20

Major: Public Relations

Grade: Junior

Member of the team since: 2014


What’s your strongest memory with the Team?

The best memory I had with the team would be winning JUCA in 2014. Because we gave some crucial points that made Casper Champion that year.


How close are you with your teammates?

In 2014 when I got in the tennis team the team only had 3 athlets, and now we have 14 players. A lot has changed, including the partnership inside the team. The tennis team didn’t have any recognation or visability and since then me and the other players worked on changing it and in the progress we became a lot closer. Now having a great number of players as we do,we feel like tennis became a family.


In which way being part of the team has changed your academic experience?

Being part of a team gives you more visability inside the school, so you end up getting in touch with more people, having more friends. Andy ou also play for your school, that makes you feel more of the spirit.


How’s JUCA’s preparation so far? Anything special?

We have our regular practices on Sundays and we have been playing another championship called G20 as preparation for JUCA as well. We will be at Casper Camp too, its a day to practice a little, bond and relax before JUCA.


Predictions for 2016?

Hmmm that’s hard! The boys team has a great chance this year, I am almost sure they will win. For the girls Its going to be hard, but as we have being practicing more this year I am aspecting good results, we always try to expect the best (laughs).

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Julia Noleto

Casper Libero

Mastering in Radio, Tv and Internet at Faculdade Casper Líbero. Tennis player during the weekends. Passionate about Ideas, with a big love for concerts, Tv series marathons and photoshoots.
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